Aug 30, 2012 10:18

  • Issac is here and comparatively mild in my area. For anyone else in his path, stay safe, guys!
  • I have a sore throat and a toothache.
  • I'm moving into my own place this weekend. (WHAT.)
  • Writing is hard.
And now, that one meme you're all doing, cause I wanna play too.

Pick a number and I'll answer in the comments.1 - Your current OTP(s ( Read more... )


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gottalovev August 31 2012, 00:12:46 UTC
a new place? yay, exciting! and I hope you don't get too much problems with Isaac :)

I am curious about 20. and if that happens, 17? :)


joyyjpg August 31 2012, 00:47:07 UTC
I'm excited! Hopefully the rain will be over by this weekend when I get ready to make the actual move.

20 -- Yep! My first ever contribution to fandom was a set of 100-word drabbles. Ahhh, LOST fandom, how I miss you. And looking at the date on that entry now -- June '09? WOW, has it really been three years? O.O

17 -- I can't say that I've ever really abandoned a ship? I guess there are some that I'm not as into as I used to be, but I've never just given up on one -- and considering that I have come to rely less and less on canon in any situation, I don't think I'm likely to. Screw canon, I do what I want. ;D


(The comment has been removed)

joyyjpg September 1 2012, 02:59:22 UTC
Thanks! :)

22 -- ...pretty much? Except like, most movies, I guess, and probably American Horror Story, lol.


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