Aug 30, 2012 10:18

  • Issac is here and comparatively mild in my area. For anyone else in his path, stay safe, guys!
  • I have a sore throat and a toothache.
  • I'm moving into my own place this weekend. (WHAT.)
  • Writing is hard.
And now, that one meme you're all doing, cause I wanna play too.

Pick a number and I'll answer in the comments.1 - Your current OTP(s ( Read more... )


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joyyjpg August 30 2012, 20:11:49 UTC
Thank you! Hopefully the rain will have stopped by then and everything goes smoothly. :)

1 -- DEAN/CAS IS ALWAYS MY CURRENT OTP. Like, it doesn't even matter that SPN has been on hiatus -- our ship is always sailing. Right now, though, I'm also really into Bane/Talia from The Dark Knight Rises, which is odd since I never ship any movie ship more than just casually but omg I ship them so hard I want to cry. <3333

7 -- Ohhhh, lord. My first OTP was RPS and I was 16 and it was Davey/Jade from the band AFI and just wow. *hides in shame*

19 -- OKAY, UM. Something sexual totally happened between Dean and Cas in Free to Be You and Me. I mean, it's true, okay. The episode starts with Dean bitching about personal space, but by the end of it, he's got his arm around Castiel's shoulder and standing way too close during their confrontation with Raphael. (And then in the next episode, after Dean gets back from 2014? HIS HAND ON CAS' SHOULDER OKAY AND THE LOOKS THEY GIVE EACH OTHER. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE LOOK LIKE WHEN THEY'VE CROSSED THE BORDER FROM 'JUST FRIENDS' TO SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY.) And come on, Dean promised he wouldn't let Cas die a virgin and Dean's gonna keep any promise he makes that is within his power to keep. THEREFORE, SEX. My actual headcanon is that Dean gives Cas the best blowjob ever and he doesn't even expect Cas to reciprocate and is totally fine taking care of himself afterwards, but you know, Cas is full of surprises. ;D


janie_tangerine August 30 2012, 20:32:07 UTC
DEAN/CAS IS ALWAYS CURRENT OTP <333 and haha TDKR has come out here like yesterday so I still haven't seen it, but I'll keep that in mind. ;)

Also my first OTP is like.. opera people. Like, idk if it's weird or whatever, DON'T BE ASHAMED ;)

..... MY HEADCANON IS YOUR HEADCANON. I TOTALLY THOUGHT THE SAME THING AND EVEN IF SHOW WON'T EVER GO THERE - I MEAN YES THAT. Also because I mean there's no reason why Dean wouldn't have maintained that promise, since it was that easy. And hahahahah I TOTALLY LIKE THE HEADCANON WHERE HE DOESN'T THINK CAS WOULD RECIPROCATE awwwww.


joyyjpg August 30 2012, 23:15:58 UTC
You have to tell me all of your TDKR feelings when you see it. :D

Hahaha, it was so bad. But it was my introduction to fic, really, so I can't feel too bad about it. If not for that, I might never have made it here. ;D

CLEARLY IT HAPPENED. Also, yessss, like I have the idea that Dean would totally be a good sport about it like -- it's supposed to be about Cas, you know? That's one thing that Dean can actually do for him and he doesn't expect Cas to reciprocate, but then Cas is like BOOM ALL OVER HIM. Cas is so not a blushing virgin. ;D


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