fic: we can chase the dark together [anna/ruby]

Aug 14, 2012 12:57

Title: we can chase the dark together
Pairing: Anna/Ruby
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Warnings: General S4, but then it goes into this magical AU where Anna and Ruby are on the run from Heaven and Hell and they never die and everything is beautiful, mmkay. Warning for some violence/ass-kicking/etc.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title from "Anthem of the Angels" by Breaking Benjamin, which is actually a lot angstier than this fic.
Summary: But she still doesn’t leave, stupid words like 'I’m not leaving without you' caught in her throat, but then Anna turns, a demon in her grip and something in her eyes that sends a shiver down Ruby’s spine. ~820 words (lol how do you drabble)
A/N: ilfirin_estel and I have revived our SPNfemslashpact and, well, leave it to me to be super late the first week. >.> BUT ANYWAY. The prompt was: witness. Also check out Kate's fic: we've all lived in grace at the end of the day (Gwen/Rachel = OTPPP ♥)

A group of demons finds them just outside of Jackson.

Ruby’s always known Anna was a fighter - angels are warriors of God, she told her once, a bitter smile on her face. God doesn’t have much to do with it these days, but that doesn’t make Anna any less of a warrior. Her movements are quick and smooth, graceful, and Ruby wishes she could take the time to just watch her, but she feels someone coming in behind her and she puts her mind back on the task at hand. She spins around before the demon can reach her and plunges her knife into his gut.

Then there’s another coming from the left, and another to her right. They’re outnumbered, that’s for sure, but if she can’t kill them all, she’ll die trying. Strike fast and don’t leave any survivors. No one can go running to tell the boss. If any of them get away Alistair will be back on her trail and she’ll be as good as dead. They both will.

“Run,” she hears Anna say over another demon’s scream.


“I can take them,” Anna says with a swift elbow to a demon’s jaw. “I can take them all out, but you have to get away from here.”

Ruby doesn’t move, not until she’s attacked from behind again and she buries her knife in the demon’s neck. But she still doesn’t leave, stupid words like I’m not leaving without you caught in her throat, but then Anna turns, a demon in her grip and something in her eyes that sends a shiver down Ruby’s spine.

“Run,” Anna growls and, this time, Ruby does.

She takes off into the woods, only half-aware that there doesn’t seem to be anyone following her. She trips on a root, landing face-first in the dirt, and she doesn’t have time to pull herself back up before she feels it: a prickling sensation on her skin and an unfamiliar heat. She sits up and turns around and she sees a white light in the distance, glowing bigger and brighter every second. She’s seen it once before, but it’s different this time and Ruby has to bite back her knee-jerk response to smoke out as it gets hotter, more intense. She knows she should look away - no demon who’s ever witnessed something like this has lived to tell about it, and any moment it might become too much and she’ll get burned out with the rest of them. This is why she was ready to turn and run the minute she heard the word angel, why any demon with half a brain wouldn’t dare fuck with one of them.

Anna might not be one of them, but she clearly hasn’t lost her touch. Ruby makes a mental note to never get on her bad side just as the trees and the ground starts to shake and she buries her face in the grass.

A few moments later, she blinks in the darkness but she can still see a faint trace of light, like she’s been staring at the sun. She springs to her feet and starts to run again, back toward Anna, who she finds in standing in the middle of a ring of flattened trees and empty hosts with smoke coming out of their eyes.

Neither of them moves at first, and then Ruby kicks absently at one of the bodies and shoves her hands in her pockets. “So,” she says, “that was pretty badass.”

Anna’s eyes dart up to the night sky. “We need to leave now,” she says and marches past Ruby, making a beeline for the car.

And hey, Ruby’s not arguing there, but Anna isn’t acting like someone who just won a battle. She picks up her own pace to catch up to her. “What’s wrong?”

“That’s gonna put me back on the angel radar in a big way,” Anna says. “We need be gone before they get here and, trust me, it won’t be long.”

When they finally get back to the car, Ruby peels out, tires squealing against the pavement. The ride is quiet for a while, but she eventually breaks the silence. “So, the angels are hot on our trail again, huh?”

“Yeah,” Anna says, her eyes straight ahead, staring out at the road ahead of them. “Probably so.”

Ruby can hear the tension in her voice - Anna’s scared. She trying not to show it, but somehow they’ve reached the point where Ruby can sense it anyway. She’s scared, too, but they’ve come this far and they can’t give up now. They’ve managed to outrun Heaven, Hell, and even the Winchesters once before and they can do it again. They have to.

“Then we’ll lead them on a merry chase.”

Anna laughs, loud and genuine, and the tension starts to fade, just a little. Ruby smiles, presses the gas pedal harder, and neither of them dares to look back.

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