lost/spn fic: a friend for the end of the world (miles/castiel)

Jun 07, 2012 14:03

Title: a friend for the end of the world
Pairing: Miles Straume/future!Castiel, mentions of Miles/Cas/others
Rating: R
Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers through the series finale of LOST and episode 5.04 of SPN (with a nod at 5.18); drug use, sexual content, mentions of orgies.
Disclaimer: I don't own LOST or Supernatural. Title is from that movie I haven't seen yet.
Summary: He's pretty sure the only thing they have in common is the desire to smoke until they don't care that the world's ending. ~760 words.
A/N: More reposting of old Five Acts fics -- this one was for ozmissage and the prompts "touching" and "scars/tattoos."
A/N 2: Can I just create an entire 'verse or something as an excuse to write a bunch of unrelated fics where future!Cas has sex with all of my favorite characters from all my fandoms? I feel like that needs to be a thing.

It's ironic, in a ridiculous, twisted way - they just thought that island was Hell and they all fought so hard to get away. Miles doesn't know how many times he heard someone say that they were there for a reason, but that wasn't good enough, so they left and now he wishes his biggest problem was time travel or smoke monsters. Real fucking poetic.

Now, he has two options: he can go it alone, a one-man army against zombies and what he's not quite ready to believe are actual demons, and face certain death sooner rather than later; or he can stay here, where there's security that DHARMA alumni could be proud of, and prolong the inevitable as long as possible, even if that means taking orders from a complete asshole who only tolerates him because he's got good aim. Meanwhile, he's still carrying around a pocketful of diamonds that are worth shit.

At the very least, he's made a friend.

He's pretty sure the only thing they have in common is the desire to smoke until they don't care that the world's ending, but it's not like either of them are in a position to have higher standards than that. They get stoned, they drink, they shoot the shit, because there's not much else to fill what little time they don’t spend fighting for their lives.

There's also the occasional orgy. (Free love - something else the DHARMA folks would be proud of.) He laughed the first time the word came out of Cas' mouth, but, well, never let it be said that Miles Straume is the kind of guy who'd say no to an orgy.

Somehow, the women and drugs seem to act as a bridge, which Miles doesn't realize until they've already crossed it. It's something that never occurs to him until it happens, but maybe it's been building ever since he stumbled into this godforsaken place. The first time Cas touches him when they're alone, Miles is just high enough to not think about what it might mean. One minute they're just sitting there, the next Cas' hand is suddenly on the back of Miles' neck, and then his mouth is there, breath tickling, making Miles shiver.

“What does it mean?” Cas murmurs against his skin, pressing his tongue against the tattoo in question.

Miles snorts and takes another hit. “Wouldn't you like to know.”

He holds out what's left of the joint, but Cas shakes his head and moves in even closer, his chest to Miles' back, hands snaking around to his stomach. He presses his face to Miles' neck, nuzzling like a fucking kitten, stubble scraping across his skin, and Miles normally isn't one for this kind of intimacy, but it feels good so he goes with it. It's only when Cas' fingers dip into the waistband of his jeans that Miles actually moves.

After that, everything sort of jumbles together, all teeth and tongue, tangled limbs and lazy movements. Miles straddles Cas' hips, tugs his shirt over his head, and goes to town, exploring all that newly exposed flesh. He's seen Cas naked before, but he's never really looked, too distracted or stoned or both to pay much attention. His skin is littered with marks and scars, but the one that catches Miles' eye is right in the center of his chest - a mess of weird symbols inside a near-perfect circle.

He stares - he doesn't actually realize that he's staring until Cas catches him and grinds their hips together, trying to snap him out of it, but Miles can’t tear is eyes away. “How the hell did you get that?”

Cas laughs low and dark, that familiar grin spreading across his face, but he snatches Miles' hand away from the scars he can touch them. “Wouldn't you like to know.”

If his head were a little clearer, Miles might have said, yeah, actually, I would like to know, but it’s not as if it’s any of his business. He probably wouldn’t get an answer anyway, just some cryptic comment and another grin to deepen his curiosity. And he doesn’t really want to think about what it’ll mean if they start sharing secrets. On a good day, it’s a 50/50 shot whether or not they’ll see tomorrow, and Miles has never been a fan of letting people get too close. What they have is good and he has no desire to fuck it up by deciding that he actually cares.

Then Cas’ hand is on his dick and Miles promptly stops thinking.

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