spn fic: sanctuary (ellen/mary)

Jan 17, 2012 18:38

SPN femslash drabble for the week! Check out ilfirin_estel's amazing fic for this week: tourniquet smile (Chrissy/Claire, OTP ♥ ♥)

Title/Rating: sanctuary; PG
Characters/Pairings: Ellen/Mary
Prompt: shelter
Spoilers/Warnings: None? Maybe 4.03, re: Mary being a hunter. But this pretty deliberately disregards the most fundamental canon element of this show (Mary's death), so yeah. TL;DR, no spoilers, no warnings, screw canon, etc.
Summary: She needs to be more careful. Pre-series AU. 180 words.

Ellen rings out the towel again, but the water is still running pink and her hands are still shaking. Words are already forming in her mind - reprimands and warnings and threats she won't voice until later, after the Roadhouse is closed and they're alone.

Every hunter takes a risk when going out on a job, but Mary - she needs to be more careful. For the boys. Just for those boys, but Ellen knows that's not the only reason.

“They're asleep,” Mary whispers, fresh blood seeping through her shirt. She no longer has to ask if they can stay.

Ellen finishes stitching her up without a word, hands as firm and steady as ever because they have to be - until Mary's hand comes down, wrapping weakly around Ellen's, slick and sticky from blood and alcohol.

She decides to let her off the hook tonight - but don't think she won't hear it in the morning. What matters is that she's alive, Ellen thinks, as she watches Mary sleep with her sons curled up beside her.

Here, tonight, she's safe. They're all safe.

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