drabble: i'll come back to haunt you if i drown

Feb 03, 2011 11:40

Title: i'll come back to haunt you if i drown
Characters: Juliet (implied Jack/Juliet)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through the finale
Summary: She's only been to the ocean twice. Sideways!verse. For lost_in_108, prompt #70 : sea.

She's only been to the ocean twice - on vacation, before her parents split. Rachel swam and splashed eagerly; Juliet built sandcastles on the beach.

To her, the sea is an enormous, intimidating thing. A barrier that shouldn't be broken, a line she can't cross for fear she'll never get back. She doesn't know why.

The dreams start slowly. Every month becomes every week becomes almost every night. Waves crashing and roaring, surrounding her, drowning her. Sometimes it doesn't go away when she wakes up. She presses closer to Jack, waits for his breathing, his heartbeat to drown out the sound.

Sometimes she wonders if he hears it too.

fanfiction, fic: lost: juliet, fic: lost, lost_in_108

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