fic: years are gone and years will pass (eloise/richard)

Dec 23, 2010 22:46

Title: years are gone and years will pass
Pairing: Eloise/Richard
Rating: PG
Words: 500
Disclaimer: Not mine. Title is from some song I've never even heard. (Bing search engine -- it's good for when you're drawing a blank.)
Spoilers: Through the series finale
Summary: They arrive on her birthday. It's about birthdays, mostly.
A/N: For valhalla37, who wanted Eloise and Richard. I have no clue where the birthdays theme came from (or if Eloise and Daniel actually share one but I was too lazy to check Lostpedia and they probably never mentioned her birthday anway). Or the self-imposed word limit but...anyway. I hope you like it -- and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. ♥

They arrive on her birthday.

She'd rather forget all about it; she hasn't got much to celebrate anyway. Her father's dead and her mother's relocated them to some island in the middle of nowhere for a job when she could have easily found one at home. But her mum, of course, has to make some comment about it to the man who greeted them.

He smiles at her. “How old are you?”

“How old are you?”

“Ellie!” her mother scolds but that man's smile widens. He kneels down in front of her and holds out his hand.

“Ellie, I'm Richard.”


On her eighteenth birthday she finally asks the question that's been on her tongue for years.

He acts as though he's had this conversation a hundred times and he probably has. The only real answer she gets is “I'm this way because of Jacob,” which isn't at all satisfactory since she isn't sure even believes in Jacob.

She asks if Jacob can make her the same way. “No.”

“Why not? What makes you so special?”

“Trust me, Ellie, you don't want - ”

“I don't want to get old. I don't want to die.”

He doesn't meet her eyes. “Yes you do.”


He doesn't seem surprised when she kisses him. He doesn't kiss back but he doesn't pull away either.

It's a stupid thing to do, really. She must seem like such a child in his eyes.

“I came to tell you Charles is looking for you,” he mummers against her lips, and if he has any feeling one way or another about what just happened, he isn't showing it.

“Of course,” she huffs and walks away.

His hand catches her arm - she thinks she ought to jerk it away but that would only make her seem more childish.

“Happy birthday, Eloise.”


Daniel is born on her birthday. Some people think it's good luck but she already knows that's a lie.

She tells herself over and over that she can change it, knowing she can't.

She wishes she wasn't alone. She's always thought her children would be raised on the island - at home. But she's in some freezing hospital and Charles hasn't even bothered to come see her or their son.

But Richard does. She sees him once, just standing in the hallway, watching. She wants to call out to him but by the time she finds her voice he's already gone.


“Are you the ghost of Christmas past?”

He smiles. “Hello, Eloise.”

It's been a long time - instead of feeling like a child in his presence she now feels older than her years. A small part of her is vain enough to covet his appearance but she doesn't envy the weight that comes with it.

He tells her that it's over. She hopes he's right.

And he wishes her happy birthday -- a day late, but it doesn't matter.

She sighs. “How is it that you don't remember your own birthday yet you never forget mine?”

“I never said I don't remember.”

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