In which I stop squeeing (well, sort of) and actually use my brain. Apocalypse!

May 24, 2010 12:09

I didn't go to bed until well after 1am and woke up before 6 and couldn't go back to sleep. Thus my lack of sleep excuses my delayed reaction to last night's events.
Because yes, last night there was crying over that last scene, but it was a very melancholy, calm kind of crying. But this morning? I was reading people's thoughts about the episode and just picturing that last bit in my mind again - with Jack in the bamboo garden and Vincent lying next to him as he dies, OH MY GOD. Mini-breakdown ensued. Oh, Jack Shepherd. Despite everything, despite the entire hate side of our frustrating love/hate relationship over the seasons, I love you, man. And as heart-breaking as it is, that was a perfect ending. And what the hell - I feel like somebody I know in real life just died or something.

I'm okay, though. I really am. Jack's death hurt, but the finale on the whole was still extremely happy making because HAVE I MENTIONED THAT RICHARD ALPERT AND MILES STRAUME AND HUGO REYES AND BENJAMIN LINUS AND FRANK LAPIDUS ARE ALIVE? Did I say I'd stopped squeeing? No, I'll never stop squeeing over this. And I don't mean to play favorites, but I'm most happy about Richard and Miles and Hurley. Hurley is kind of going to be the best island protector of ALL TIME and Richard and Miles will each go off and have as normal a life as possible in the world of LOST. Oh, the endless fic opportunities. :D

And the more I think about the possibilities of the altverse thing, the more I like it. I think all the different religious symbols - not just ones from Christianity - being represented in the church hints that they aren't just going to "heaven" or something. It's like what Matt said on Kimmel last night, it kind of leaves it open for people to interpret it based on their own spiritual beliefs. And guys, I am not religious at all. I'm agnostic, but I always took the faith side of the seasons old faith vs. science argument on the show. Because I figured if it all wasn't happening for a reason, what was the point? So anyway, I think they will either be a) reincarnated and all eventually find each other in, ahem, another life, brothah thus continuing the birth-death-rebirth circle or b) the white light when Christian opened the door just makes me think of the light on the island, and even though the island is underwater in this universe, I like to think that the afterlife for them is being together and happy on the island - the place that brought them all together. Because it's not just about each person finding the one they love - it's not just about Sawyer and Juliet or Sun and Jin or Desmond and Penny or any of the couples being reunited. It's all of them finding each other. And I think the reason some people weren't there is because they still had some unfinished business or something and they will find their way in time.

I'm leaning towards reincarnation, though, because of Not-the-Mama telling bb!Jacob and MIB that there was life, death, and rebirth in the light. And it makes things come more full-circle and seem much more meaningful than them just going to heaven. *solemn nod*

The ciiiiircle of liiiiiiiiifeeeee....

Also? John Locke was right all along. About everything. I mean, I always knew he was but it was nice that it was acknowledged. Joy is pleased. :D

Now. Some things that were no addressed? Poor, orphaned Ji Yeon. Remember her, show? It's sad, really - Kate is taking Claire home to be reunited with Aaron and Des will totally go home to Penny and bb!Charlie, but Ji Yeon? She's got no one. I really like to think that Kate or Sawyer or both will check in on her over the years. And I kind of really want her to eventually get to the island and go fishing and DHARMA van riding with Hurley.

I was very much looking forward to an outrigger shootout. *glare*

I know that's not it, but it's all I can think of because I've talked myself in to liking/understanding everything else. Or I understand the way I see it, anyway. The good thing is that at least there's no new season to prove me wrong? Cause I like it when it's left to personal interpretation and everyone can decide for themselves, regardless of what the writers had in mind.

So, yeah. The end♥

Now, I want to write fic. I don't even know where to start. Okay, that's kind of a lie. Cause, I mean. My boys. :D

Also, I now only have 45 userpics. I decided not to renew my extra space because I figured I don't really need it. But when you have to go from 109 to 45? It's tough.

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