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maelstrom815 May 5 2010, 06:37:08 UTC
after watching this ep I cried my eyes out (although I'm glad Miles made it alive...for now...)...mindfuck is all I can say right now.,..


joyyjpg May 5 2010, 20:18:55 UTC
I cried so hard, man. And Sun/Jin isn't even one of my favorite couples. Just, god. It's was too much. And like I said, I was sooooo glad Miles wasn't in the episode! D:


helloalena May 5 2010, 08:33:48 UTC
I am going to watch it tonight, :(


joyyjpg May 5 2010, 20:20:02 UTC
I would suggest having a box of kleenex handy. :(


foreverharley May 5 2010, 12:40:38 UTC
So. Much. Death.
And none of it was Kate?
It must be a conspiracy.
Yeah I got reallll curious when I didn't see Richard referenced in your tags. Whew! Good to know he is safe.


joyyjpg May 5 2010, 20:23:49 UTC
It was too much. It hurts. :(

And it IS a conspiracy, I'm sure. Hopefully they're keeping her alive because she's going to do something awesome and not to preserve their precious triangle.

This is one time I'm glad there was no Richard! But... I'm pretty sure he's going to die in the end. And I guess, in a way, it'll be a good thing because that's what he wants and it'll be kind of poetic and stuff... But I will be the most heartbroken girl on the planet. :(


part 1...part 2 to show up later probably greedyslayer May 6 2010, 04:34:48 UTC
Just watched the ep.

BRB, crying forever. OMG, if I'm this broken up now, the show's gonna get even more heartbreaking, isn't it?

And I was getting horrible Juliet flashbacks when Sun was pinned. But I knew immediately that if Sun was gonna die, so was Jin, because he would not leave her. Poor, poor orphaned Ji Yeon (in Island/Crashverse anyway).

And back to Juliet, I winced for Sawyer when Jack replies, "Absolutely" to his "got my back" question.

On a crazy theory level, I seriously thought the mirror in the music box would flash to images of the Island for maximum supernatural WTFery.

Smokey: I don't know who told you that you have to stay, but they were wrong.
Jack: John Locke told me I had to stay. *kicks ass*

I knew you would heart that. I did too. Yet I still had the sinking feeling that there would be consequences to such awesomeness, since it was freakin' Smokey he was dealing with....

But can I just say that Smokey wanting ( ... )


Re: part 1...part 2 to show up later probably joyyjpg May 11 2010, 01:50:28 UTC
I don't want to think about the possibility of it getting anymore heatbreaking, but I might as well prepare myself. Because I'm honestly starting to believe the theories that everyone in islandverse except the person who will replace Jacob is going to die - and live happily ever after in the AU (with two sets of memories? I for one think they will remember everything eventually.), but still. They have to die first. And that means Hurley will die and as much as I love Richard and Miles, Hurley's death will be the one that breaks me completely. I can't even.... Do. Not. Want. :(

I honestly never even thought about Ji Yeon until after the ep when people were talking about about Sun and Jin kind of being crappy parents. I was too busy weeping and being all: IT'S LIKE TITANIC OR SOMETHING OMG NO *CRYING MORE*

I knew you would heart that.HA! :D I so, so do. I just want this to indicate that it will turn out that Locke was right all along - I mean he obviously was, but yeah - and that he was more important than just being stupid Esau's ( ... )


Re: part 1...part 2 to show up later probably greedyslayer May 12 2010, 03:03:00 UTC
Though I'm preparing myself for more heartbreak, I'm still in a denial that many people will die on the Island, even if they get a happy ending in Sidewaysverse.


ack_attack actually parodied Titanic in her 6x14 recap, and it...it kinda made things better and worse at the same time. But still, man, I love ack_attack's Lost recaps. They were such a great find.

And I want for him to change his mind about the surgery in the AU. That will make me that happiest girl in the world.

That just made me instinctively think of our Locke waking up in a newly walking Sideways!Locke, their memories merge, and somehow, someway, Locke returns from Sidewaysverse to the Islandverse to save everyone and kick Esau/Smokey's ass. XD

FLASHBACK!RICHARD WOULD MAKE IT EVEN MORE SO. *crosses fingers* Seriously, it would be awesome to get a small amount of something between the time he arrived on the island and what we've seen.YES OH PLZ PLZ LOST MAKE THIS HAPPEN. It could be sorta like how Locke's episode with his Dad's death was totally a Sawyer/ ( ... )


valhalla37 May 7 2010, 14:45:35 UTC
And FRANK. I kind of felt, with the awesome amount of him being badass from the start of the episode, that he was going die. WHIIINE.

SERIOUS. I'm actually most upset about Frank, partly because while I (for the most part) liked Sayid and Jin and Sun, I just didn't care as much about their storylines. All the deaths in the episode left me going ???? for various reasons, though it definitely made for an epic hour.

And I totally agree, re: Jack. He's clearly the candidate -- it'll be an epic Locke vs. Jack faceoff, I'm thinking.


joyyjpg May 11 2010, 01:57:26 UTC
Well, I wasn't overly invested in Sun and Jin's storyline - I just wanted them to have their reunion and live happily ever after off the island with Ji Yeon because, after everything they've been through, they deserved it. But LOST has a knack for tragedy and I kind of have a soft spot for it, so it was making me cry like they were my favorite characters or something.

FRANK, seriously. :( I was watching the ep thinking, "Is it me or is there more Frank than usual? Uh oh... he's going to die." He never really got much in the way or a storyline, which is a shame, but he was totally badass and I miss him already. :(

I shall be looking forward to this Jack v. Not!Locke showdown of doom. Go Team Jack!


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