Fic: We Held Hands on the Last Night on Earth (Miles/Richard)

Apr 23, 2010 18:55

Happy 500th entry to me? :D

Title: We Held Hands on the Last Night on Earth
Characters/Pairings: Miles/Richard, Ben
Rating: R
Words: 1330
Spoilers: Through 6x13 "The Last Recruit"
Warnings: Character death. This does not have a happy ending, just so you know.
Disclaimer: I don't own LOST - and this is NOT what it would look like if I did. ( Read more... )

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towel_lord April 24 2010, 09:32:06 UTC
It's so beautifully bitter-sweet.
Lovely! (And i love this pairing!)


joyyjpg April 24 2010, 23:59:54 UTC
Thank you so much!! This pairing kind of owns my heart. ♥


ozmissage April 24 2010, 16:48:49 UTC
You my dear, are a freaking genius.

This is perfect and hot and sad...GUH. I love this so much.

This bit made me grin, despite the horrible situation they're in:

Miles opens his mouth, but Richard steals his words before he can get them out. “We're fucked.”

Oh and the end with the kiss and they're just waiting for the world to end...*flails*



joyyjpg April 25 2010, 00:04:05 UTC
Awwww, dude. :D Thank you SOO much! *hugs* I'm glad you liked it even though I killed our boys. :(

Hehe, it's funny you should mention that line cause it was a very last minute change, lol. I was reading through it and then I thought "nooo, Richard should say it this time." So thanks! :D


ohioala19 April 24 2010, 23:10:10 UTC
gosh, i loved this, the voices really felt so in character, and i adore Miles/Richard now s o much, so sad though, I hope you write more of them, maybe with a semi-happy ending??!Please, lol, but really well done, I love Miles' comment it must be nice to be invincible and RIchard's reply of try it was perfect

Oh and happy 500th post! That's quite impressive!


joyyjpg April 25 2010, 00:07:55 UTC
Thank you so much!! It really makes me happy to hear that you thought they felt really in character. There's sort of a level of personal interpretation in writing fic and I guess I'm always afraid I'm way off, lol. :P

And thanks, I really do hope to write more Miles/Richard cause I love them so, heh. And after this I kind of feel like I have to write them a happy fic to make up for it.

When you think about it 500 really is a LOT of entries for one person, lol! :P

Icon love ♥


greedyslayer April 25 2010, 01:43:31 UTC
The next morning they grab the C4 from Linus' old house and no one objects when Richard says he'll carry the explosives in his bag. “Must be nice being invincible,” Miles says with the best smirk he can muster.
He's not really surprised when Richard doesn't smile back, but the bitterness in his voice is enough to keep Miles quiet for a while. “Try it.”

;O; for Richard forever. But still my favorite part.

Miles is secretly relieved when Linus volunteers to go instead. Richard argues, of course, but relents in the end. They wish Linus luck and something passes between him and Richard that Miles doesn't quite understand.Ben's attempt at heroic sacrifice! I'm really glad you had this subtle moment, because Richard's and Ben's relationship is complicated but so there, and I think they both care for each other--Ben on some level must still see Richard as one of the few other adults that was kinds to him as a child, and Richard must still on some level see and remember Ben as that poor little boy. ;_ ( ... )


joyyjpg April 25 2010, 04:10:54 UTC
I HAD to inject some immortality angst! It just wouldn't be me if I didn't! :D

I really hope any attempts on Ben's part to go down a hero goes way better than that. And I wanted to include hint of the weird relationship between Ben and Richard, but not too much since it's Miles' POV and I doubt he has all the details on that.

I... sometimes have a hard time fitting cursing with Richard, but I think in this kind of situation, it's really the only word for it. I can just imagine him saying it kind of impassively you know. :P

I picked 200 because... it was close to 171. :P I never really thought about Alpert not being his real last name, but that totally makes sense. If it's not though, I dunno if we'll ever know what his real last name is.

And finally THANK YOU for your comments! And I'm glad you didn't think it wat felt "super brutal" lol! After kind of sitting on it and reading it over, it actually doesn't seem as bad as I thought when I first wrote it. I think just writing the end of the world kind of overwhelmed me or something.


greedyslayer April 25 2010, 04:32:43 UTC
Oh, I LOVE the immortality angst! I will forever love it! (Pun totally unintended at first ( ... )


joyyjpg April 25 2010, 13:21:25 UTC
Miles is 171 cause it's canon. :D I wasn't sure if we'd seen his name on the wall/dial, so I looked it up on Lostpedia. I forget what Ben's number was, but I remember it was a lower number than 171, I want to say 130-something. But yeah, I just used 200 for Richard cause it's a nice round number and as far as we know, it's not taken by anyone else. :)

Ohhh, your plotbunnies sound fun - in an apocalyptic way you know. :D Richard v. Smokey kicks ass. Smokey is going down.


maelstrom815 April 25 2010, 11:57:15 UTC
aww that is so good. normally, I'm not a big fan of slash, but you made it so great, I really enjoyed reading it! I love angsty drabbles and I love Miles so this was just perfect. and I just love your Richard - spot on!

will you be writing Miles/Ana Lucia or Miles/Naomi anytime soon? ;)))))) you're a great writer.


joyyjpg April 25 2010, 13:24:13 UTC
Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :D

Oh and I will make you like slash, just saying. Hehe. :D

Aww, thanks! Actually, I would really like to write something Miles/Ana - cause his girfriend in the AU? Totally her.


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