LOST 6x09 "Ab Aeterno"

Mar 23, 2010 23:12

Once again, LOST manages to turn me into a weeping, achy mess. But at least this time no one died in the end. Thank god, because I was deathly afraid that Richard was going to die. That would have pushed it over the edge and I would have been pissed on top being even MORE weepy and achy. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First moment of squee? Well... it was kind of the only moment of real, truly happy squee, cause everything else was too sad. But ANYWAY. The scene where everyone is looking at Richard cause they think he knows what to do now? And he's just like LOL ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS and laughs at them? THAT WAS SO GREAT. :D

I loved the way they led up to his flashbacks, like with everyone at the beach talking about him. That was cool.

I pretty much knew that this episode would leave me a little sad because once we get the definitive canon answer to who Richard, where he came from, how old he is, etc, that would put an end to all the fun speculative origin fic. And we've had some amazing fics in that category. So of course there's a bit of a feeling of disappointment there that I probably would have felt no matter what story they came up with for him. It's like the end of an era or something.

That's not to say that I didn't like the episode and Richard's story - because I definitely did. But... I'll just go ahead and say it: 19th century Richard isn't exactly my favorite era for Richard's origin. I always loved thinking that he was way older than that. And I honestly thought for a bit that he would be - with his lines in a recent episode about how he'd devoted his whole life to Jacob - "longer than you can possibly imagine". But what can you do, right?

That being said, scruffy, Spanish-speaking, horse-riding, 1860's Richard was HOT.

And like I said, I did like his story! Well, like is a tricky word and I'm kind of hesitant to use it for something that BROKE MY FUCKING HEART. It was really, really good, anyway. The show didn't disappoint. And you guys probably know how I feel about tragedy and lost love. They did that to suck me in. It worked, can't lie. :D


Also? It probably was not intentional, but I think the writers have lent a huge hand to Richard/Alex shippers. Cause Isabella looked a lot like a grown-up Alex. Sigh. :\

I... can't explain my huge block against that pairing. It's not the fact that she's underage, but I just can't make myself like them together. And I've tried, believe me, because there is some seriously well-written Richard/Alex fic out there. I'd even go as far to say that most Richard fic is Richard/Alex. I kind of feel like I must be missing something, but... I don't know. I just don't like that pairing.


Sorry. No bitching. To each his/her own. Moving right along.

Well, now we know what happened to the statue! There was a collective "ahhhhh" in my living room. But, seriously? What kind of stone was the statue made of? That a wood ship could blast it to pieces? Is that plausible?

Smokey attacking the ship was epic, I don't care. But what exactly was it that made him not kill Richard? Did he just think he could use him to kill Jacob? And I don't really expect much humanity from Smokey, but seriously? The bit with Richard's wife? WAS THAT REALLY NECESSARY? :\

Cue me completely falling to pieces. I guess he figured he had to break him down and he could use that as a means to convince Richard to kill Jacob. My heart. Richard's heart. They can't take much more, guys.

I did like that we got the meaning behind Not!Locke's chains comment from the premiere.

I really like the actor who plays Esau - and while we're on the subject. Are we ever going to get ole dude's real name? And what the hell are we going to do if it turns out not to be Esau? O.O

Okay, back on topic. PISSED OFF!JACOB SCARED ME. :O I like my Jacob to be calm and cool and smiling his creepy smile. But I really enjoyed seeing another side of him! Except when he had Richard in the water. WTF JACOB WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Yeah, that freaked me out.

Jacob pretty much works like the genie in Aladdin, y/n? Rule #1: I can't bring anyone back from the dead. It's not a pretty sight. You want your soul to be free from your past sins? Sorry, can't help you there. You want to live forever? Okay, that I can do. LOL, I kind of love it. :P I mean, we've kind of established at this point that Jacob is not god and not all-powerful, so obviously there are limits to what he can do. But still, I loved the way he went about it, lol.

So, for lack of a better metaphor, Esau/Smokey is like the devil? I'm not saying he is the devil, but he's like him. He's pretty much the embodiment of pure evil? The way Jacob described the island containing him so he can't spread to the world makes me think that they're not far off when they say the island is hell. I don't know much about the details of the Biblical Hell, but it kind of reminded me of the book The Gates, which said basically that the devil was confined to hell like a prisoner in a way, and he couldn't get out to spread his absolute evil across the world. Biblical themes. I might not always catch them on the first go-round, but I like them.

Well, back in the present. That scene? You know the one. When Richard dug up his wife's cross and Hurley showed up and he was being a medium between Richard and his wife's ghost? IT BROKE ME. COMPLETELY. I was already hurting enough, but that was basically it. It was over. All I could do was cry. I mean, Richard was crying and he was hurting and it was just too much for me to handle... Oh, god. *dies*

NESTOR CARBONELL. I LOVE YOU. SO. MUCH. SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A FUCKING EMMY. Holy shit, he nailed every scene and every emotion in this episode, but that last scene especially... God. It was beautiful. It was painful, but it was beautiful.

And I was SO scared that Richard was going to die tonight. I'm kind of convinced that he will die eventually, but hopefully not until the very end. In a way, he'll get what he's always wanted, to be with his wife again. But damn, it's going to hurt me. D:

Oh, and the last scene with Jacob and Esau was sooo awesome. I want to see more of them together, damn it. I love those two.

So all in all, there was less squee and more crying than I would have liked, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. You're making my brain work and that is a very good thing especially when you consider how shallow I tend to be when Richard is aroudn. Well done, guys, seriously. ♥

Okay, gonna go pick up the pieces of my heart and get some sleep.

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