Fic: It Was Mine (Sawyer/Juliet)

Feb 14, 2010 15:25

Title: It Was Mine
Charcters: Sawyer/Juliet
Word Count: 397
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers through 6.03 "What Kate Does", mentions character death
Disclaimer: Don't own. Title courtesy of AFI.
Summary: It's still home - still theirs - and it's the only place he wants to be. For fictionlost, prompt: heartbreak. Used for my sacred_20 claim, prompt: sanctuary.

It's rundown and abandoned, empty though it's tainted with remnants of whoever lived there after them. But it's still home - still theirs - and it's the only place he wants to be.

He no longer cares about anything or anyone else. Kate can be right outside or back at the Temple or anywhere else for all he cares - as long as she doesn't step foot inside her house again. He just wants to be alone with his guilt and Juliet's memory and the one place he ever felt truly happy.

Days pass - weeks, months, who knows. Time doesn't matter. Day and night blur into one; the sun and moon rise and fall completely unnoticed. He has no idea how long he's been without her, but he knows it's been too long.

Once, after one too many stale DHARMA beers, he passes out and starts to dream.

He doesn't recognize the bedroom but he definitely feels like he belongs there. His body fits perfectly in the mattress, familiar white sheets tangled around his legs. He smells her before he sees her. She stirs beside him, burying her face in the curve of his neck. "Morning," she mutters.

"Mornin', Blondie," he replies, grinning sleepily from ear to ear.

She smiles up at him, cups his face in her hands, and he toys with the ring on her finger. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thinks he must be dead and, by some fluke, he's ended up in heaven. It feels so right, so real. It feels like home.

He makes coffee and she makes breakfast. He reads while she showers and dresses for work, and he walks her to the door to kiss her good-bye.

She pauses before leaving, turning to give him that smirk - the one that says she knows something he doesn't. "See you soon," she says and closes the door.

When he wakes up he swears he feels her lips brushing against his ear, repeating her last words to him. See you soon.

She's not there when he opens his eyes, of course, but he can still feel her. He looks around at the ruins of the life they shared with a surge of inspiration to restore it to it's former glory. So it'll be ready, he thinks, whatever the hell that means.

And suddenly he really regrets tossing the ring into the ocean.

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