Drabble: Comforting Lies (Miles, Sawyer/Juliet)

Feb 03, 2010 22:28

Title: Comforting Lies
Characters: Miles, Sawyer/Juliet
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through 6.01/2 "LA X" along with a little speculation
Warnings: Mentions character death
Summary: For lost_in_108, prompt #19: redemption. Inspired by new info from S6 and a tiny dropped hint from S5.
A/N: I wanted to use this setting for something slashy. As you can see, the boys rebelled. Because honestly it would just be wrong. Bastards.

It worked isn't all she said.

But he isn't going to tell Jim that, and Miles just thanks whatever's controlling their lives (because it's obvious they sure as hell aren't) that Jim doesn't catch him lying.

Because maybe she's right and maybe it did work; and maybe somewhere out there Jim and Juliet are having their damn coffee and their baby will be born after all.

Miles brushes the dirt off his pants and doesn't feel guilty for lying about what he hears - and for once he doesn't have to force himself to believe that, doesn't need to redeem himself (or her) with the truth.

Honesty's overrated anyway.

A/N (again): By the way, there is no maybe about it. It's going to happen that way. It just has to.

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