Drabble: Born To This Life (Where Was I Before?) (Richard)

Dec 31, 2009 15:49

Title: Born To This Life (Where Was I Before?)
Characters: Richard, mentions Ben, Alex, and Jacob
Rating: G
Spoilers: Mild spoilers through S3, just so you're familiar with the characters mentioned.
Summary: For lost_in_108 prompt #14, memory. Title courtesy of No Doubt's song "Six Feet Under".

Richard doesn't have a single memory before the island. He isn't sure when he lost them, if they vanished the second he woke up in the jungle or if they simply faded over time before disappearing completely.

It doesn't bother him; he rarely thinks about it. His life is here, where he's always belonged, and whatever came before is unimportant.

But occasionally he wonders, when Ben makes some remark about birthdays or he suddenly realizes how quickly Alex is growing up.

He wonders if he was a child, if he had a life before the island, before Jacob, before everything.

He wonders if he even existed at all.

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