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Sep 16, 2009 16:21

I've managed to get my next installment for the fic of win typed on my laptop - just not on this comp yet. I finally feel up to do it today and yet it's gonna storm any minute which means it's not gonna happen until the storm's over which could be who knows when - and that makes me sad 'cause I haven't felt this energetic in a week.

Working on a few new vids - one of which I have General Hospital to thank oddly enough (I never watch it, but the carnival bit intrigued me); Storm by Lifehouse is an amazing song that played during that ep's midshow montoge and now it's the backdrop to one of my most ambitious vids of all. How ambitious? Taking 2 characters from 2 very different shows (well maybe not too different, HEROES is looking more and more like a soap opera for people with super powers lol) without using ANY clips from the show the actors worked on together. That's right 100% Adam Wilson/Elle Bishop. No Sheriff Lamb, no Veronica Mars; not even a glimpse of any of their other characters. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm awesome - really, I can't wait to see the final product (and I'm so close!!).

One thing about vids I do hate though is when I have to try to find a song to build around a vid I want to do and can't. Oh why oh why must you give me dialogue and scenes of win, Y&R? Oh. Right. 'Cause you proved your awesomeness back in May *pets CBS*

As for fics - I have more ideas than I know what to do with atm. Thanks in large part to the October prompts over at vmfic_gameon I won't say the idea I'm loving the most, but I am loving the idea and if I can get it written then yay team me lol. love_is_epic got me to swear I wouldn't kill Logan though... And really I'm okay with that because I never want it to seem like V would only turn to Lamb and or end up with him because Logan wasn't around. That's not how I roll. For me V chooses Lamb because she *GASP* actually wants to. And I still maintain that had Lamb not died and we'd gotten a S4 we would've been seeing a ceiling caving in if you catch my Spuffy drift.

And that reminds me! I'm really wondering now how I don't ship Syelle. Was it just because I was so incredibly RAH-RAH Sylaire back when it was going on? Was I too obsessed with Noelle? Or is it just because it felt so forced? Yeah. I think I'll go with that one because I can think of two other ships I LOVE now where the guy did kill the woman. But both of those had 2 seasons worth of build up for the characters... Wow - now I feel better.

But still uber Halloween-mode girl is ironically working on a fairytale-like vid. Bonnie Tyler :love: And then there's Storm. Thank you GH for having the carnival and making me watch you that day!!

And this can always use more pimpage L.A. Cancer Challenge 2009

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