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Jun 16, 2009 19:45


What a Masquerade
Hands on Me
Hands on Me: Next Time
Don't Let Them Make Up Your Mind
No Regrets
In Words
Fun and Suds
Blame it on the Weatherman
In the Air
A Side to Choose

Hostage Situation
Claire's Got a Gun
You Don't Have to be Alone for Christmas
Revenge So Sweet
Christmas Spirit
Manipulated Memories
Lounge Lover
Who Needs Mistletoe
You Can't Escape Christmas
Until Next Time
Interweb Understanding
New Year's, New Beginnings
A Different Kind of Knight
Spirit Boy
A Better World
Till it Feels like Cheating
Second Date Diary
Chance Encounters
Competing with a Ghost
Filling the Void
Empty Threats and Hollow Lies
Unholy Plastic
Can't Fight Fate
Claire Kissed a Monster

3 Noelle Ficlets
Comfort is a Warm Jacket
Lies We Tell Ourselves
Past, Meet Future
Slumber Party
The Crush
Afterglow Fading
Afterglow Faded - includes Sylar/Elle. Yeah, I'm shocked too
Riding in Cars with a Man
Midnight Stakeout Confessions
Southern California Sunset is Like a Long Goodbye
Welcome the Storm

Vegas Double - Noelle and Sylaire
Santa Claus and the Mistletoe Surprise - Nathan/Peter slash with mention of Sylaire
Nathan's Christmas Carol - Nathan/Peter slash 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4


Heroes/Y&R - Adam Wilson Newman/Elle Bishop:
Lightning Strikes
By Light of the Moon
Some Things Money Can't Buy
Old Habits, New Traditions
Together We'll Make Our Escape
Mexican Vacation (Adam/Elle, implied Victor/Angela)
Front Page News (follow-up to Together We'll Make Our Escape)
Shelter (Angela/Victor)
Conference Room Courting
Greasers Get the Girls (Claire Bennet/Noah Newman, with a side of Adam/Elle, Nick/Tracy and Angela/Victor)

Veronica Mars/Y&R
Merry Christmas (I Do Want to Fight) Veronica, Cliff, Adam, Adam/Sharon, others
The End is Where We Begin Veronica/Adam, includes and mentions several more

Heroes/Veronica Mars:
Call Me What You Like (Elle/Jake Kane, Elle/Logan Echolls, Elle/Vinnie Van Lowe, Elle/Cliff McCormack, Elle/Sheriff Don Lamb)
Two for One - Follow-up to "Call Me What You Like." (Logan/Elle/Lamb)

Once Upon a Time/Haven:
Another Time, Another Place (Mr. Gold/Audrey 2.0)

Once Upon a Time/Smash:
New Horizons to Pursue (Karen Cartwright/Michael Swift, Derek Wills/Ruby Lucas) (on FFN because it's too long for LJ)

Veronica Mars: (ALL are Veronica/Lamb unless otherwise noted)
Blind Date for the Blind
Time to Face the Wizard
Perfectly Clear
Full Moon Fever
Roid Rage (an Ensemble without even a real DoVe mention?! WHAT?!)
Waking Up in Vegas
The Deal
Life is a Cabaret
The More Things Change
It Wasn't Jealousy
Christmas Wishes
Midnight Revelations
Time After Time
Angels in Neptune
Like a Knight in Brown Polyester
Devil Girl (Veronica, Lamb, Leo)
Facing the Flames (Lamb, Veronica, OFCs)
Hang the DJ
Even Bad Sheriffs Can be Good
Can You Feel the Irony Tonight
The Appearance of Humanity
Something to be Thankful For
A Mars Thanksgiving (V/Lamb plus uber ensemble)
Love Over Money
12 Drabbles of Christmas (V/Lamb, Logan/Madison, Keith, Wallace, Sacks, Cliff, Weevil/Carmen, Parker, Mac/Dick)
It's Christmas and Logan Wonders Where He Is (Logan/Madison - just ignore the flames it went down in)
Jailed for the Holidays
Seeing is Believing
Lamb Family Christmas 1/2 (V/Lamb plus uber ensemble)
Lamb Family Christmas 2/2 (V/Lamb plus uber ensemble)
Lamb's New Year (Lamb, Lilly, Ensemble, ends in V/Lamb)
Secret Admirer
Sugar, We're Goin' Down Swinging
Crash and Yearn
Take Pity on Your Enemy Day
Scotch, Rocks and Mars (Lamb, Keith, V/Lamb)
Phantom of the Masquerade
The Bachelor and the Sheriff's Daughter (Eventual V/Lamb, Keith, mentions others): (1/11) (2/11) (3/11) (4/11) (5/11) (6/11) (7/11) (8/11) (9/11) (10/11) (11/11)
June Brides
The 5 Days Veronica Worked for Lamb (and the Day He Fired Her)
Escaping the Void
The Next Best Thing (Veronica/Jake Kane)
Veronica's Choice (Ensemble)
The Fire, Baby, It'll Burn Us Both (Ensemble)
Billionaires Do It Better (Veronica/Jake Kane)
Doomed Ship Meme Prompt: There's a thin line between love and hate
The Night of the Loving Dead
DarkShip Prompt Meme Drabbles
Of Turkey Fools and Pie Duels (V/Lamb plus uber ensemble)
Veronica's Christmas Wish
Ghost of Christmas Past
Another Lamb Family Christmas (V/Lamb plus uber ensemble)
You're Mine, Valentine
Candlelight and Valentines (Veronica/Jake Kane)
Not So Solitary
Return of the Traitor (Follow-up to Traitor)
Now We're Even (Veronica/Jake Kane) (on FFN because it's too long for LJ)
Carnival of Hearts (Veronica/Jake Kane)
My Heart Lies in Your Empty Grave
Halloween Invitations (Veronica/Jake Kane)
It Snows in Hell (Follow-up to The Night of the Loving Dead)
Family to be Thankful For (V/Lamb plus uber ensemble)

Once Upon a Time:
Cloaked Comfort (Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood, Ruby/Mr. Gold)
Susceptible to His Charms (Ruby, Mr. Gold)
Even Trade (Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood)
As If For All to See (Ruby/Mr. Gold)
Just Press Play (Ruby/Mr. Gold)
No Apologies Needed (Ruby/Mr. Gold)
Eyes of a Stranger (Rumpelstiltskin, Red Riding Hood)
Days Spent in a Lie (Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood)
My Pain Your Thrill (Ruby/Mr. Gold)
While Granny's Away (Ruby/Mr. Gold)
Season for Giving (Ruby/Mr. Gold)
Through the Trees (Ruby, Mr. Gold, Red Riding Hood/Rumpelstiltskin)
Dungeons and Deceit (Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood)
Possession (Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood)
Cupid and Cuffs (Ruby/Mr. Gold)
Secrets in Whispers (Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood)
Love's a Witch - 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4 (Ruby/Mr. Gold, Vanessa/Gaston)
Let Me Be Your Heroine - 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 (Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood)
Wool and the Wolf (Human!Rumpelstiltskin/Red Riding Hood)
The Unexpected - Prologue/?, 1/?, 2/?, 3/?, 4/? (Eventual Ruby/Mr. Gold)
Lady Loves a Tramp (human!Lady/human!Tramp)
Vampires in Storybrooke (Dracula/Sophie, gen for everyone else)
Candygram (Ruby/Victor)
Crossroads (Ruby/Whale)

The One She Called (Juliet, Mr. Carpenter)

Rains Will Pour Down (Karen/Michael)

Misc. Memes:

First Annual Femslash Kink Meme (Dreamwidth) - Show: Y&R, Pairing: Phyllis/Sharon, Prompt: Nail marks

Shipcest - Show: Y&R, Pairing: Ryder/Daisy, Prompt: Christmas

Doomed Ship Comment Ficathon Show: Homicide: Life on the Street, Pairing: Kellerman/Lewis, Prompt: Stakeout

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