Boo you whore, True Blood!

Aug 09, 2010 14:01

Last night's ep.? First thought?

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haughtymelodic August 9 2010, 18:18:32 UTC
I couldn't resist clicking on the cut even though I haven't watched it yet and I am going to watch it in a bit when I go to the gym. I didn't care too much for Talbot but FRANKLIN! Noooooooooo :(

That Jessica gif is HOT though, is that from last night's episode? I might have to get an icon of that.


josiefier August 9 2010, 18:29:26 UTC
At least I warned for spoilers! People can't get mad at me!

I kind of overly relate to Talbot, bitch fits and all - so yeah. As for Franklin - I refuse to believe he's gone for good. Even though Talbot was bitching about having had to clean his brains up from the bedroom. Either way, we do still see him in Tara's sex dreams.

And nope, the gif's from last season. When Jessica overheard Hoyt's mother talking to him about her. Hence the raaaaaaaaaaage.


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