Boo you whore, True Blood!

Aug 09, 2010 14:01

Last night's ep.? First thought?

It's not enough that they always have to feature a beheading but now we lose Franklin (though I did highly approve of Tara's fantasy) AND Talbot?! Talbot FINALLY gets to play with Eric and Eric fucking kills him?! Yeah -

I don't care Eric wanted to hurt/kill/get back at Russell. That's not the point! Lara Pulver being back next week is the only reason I'm letting Mom keep it on my screen (she's the addict, I just like a handful of the characters - all supporting and guest, go figure). After last night's bitch fit (of my own, not Talbot's BECAUSE HE WASN'T THERE TO HAVE ANOTHER AFTER WHAT THAT BITCH ERIC DID) I calmed down with Jake Kane's ep. of The Closer and Mean Girls. I felt better.

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