Big weekend...

Jun 11, 2010 22:07

Well in some ways for me, at least. Not sure if I can say what today was - but it was fun lol. My feet still hurt but I love my clogs too much to complain more than that. Oh, and a certain local comic store is in desperate need of more Harley Quinn merch.

Tonight: I'm hopefully going to finish typing up this one fic and another new fic will be posted. Provided I'm still online come midnight. I'm not posting it a minute before then. I don't know, it just feels right to wait until then... ;)

Tomorrow: The next and second to last installment of TBatSD. I can't believe I'm really almost through posting it, I really like it more than I thought I would. Maybe the movie that inspired the fic is to blame? Though anyone who hasn't seen The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer would be amazed at how little I really liberated.

I haven't tried writing anything new or working on anything for three days now - trying to decide which to really work on. Though Vadam is officially on the way (it was going to happen sooner or later) - finally finished it, just need to get it transferred onto this comp. No idea when that'll be (real life is a pain when it comes to that). But beyond that, yeah, I need to figure out what's next.

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