2017 Fandom Goals and 2016 Fic In Review

Jan 08, 2017 12:46

Hokay. So. Kicking things off with my Fic Year In Review and my fandom-related goals for this year.

2017 is the year I want to get more involved in fandom again. So this year, I am making three four goals for myself:

1 - Post at least one fanwork a month

I wrote all of three fics last year. Three. All of them for Teen Wolf. One of which is still incomplete. I look back on years when I wrote ten times that or more, and it makes me sad, but I am also giving myself a break - it was a really rough year for me, emotionally, physically, and mentally (more on that coming up in a separate post). The fact that I wrote anything at all is a huge fucking accomplishment.

So this year, be it a fanmix or a drabble, 1000 or 10000 words, I am determined to post at least twelve works in twelve months. I’m already signed up for sammybigbang and have been making really good headway on my fic for that (a Sam/Dean/Jess AU set right after "Swan Song" ends, in case anyone was curious - and yes, I did mean to type Jess :D) Though I did come up with a new idea last night, but I may save that for spn_j2_bigbang, which I am signing up for but also not pressuring myself to finish - grad school is fucking hard, guys.

Either way they are both getting written at some point, damn it. I am SUUUPER excited about them. I can’t wait for you all to be able to read them. I miss writing fic, but I miss sharing fic even more.

2 - At least three of those twelve fanworks will be Works In Progress.

I have eleventy billion fics sitting in a google folder that have been started and not finished, and I love pretty much all of them. The Sam/Jess/Dean AU is one of them - and yes, it has been sitting in a drafts folder since "Swan Song" aired. I am nothing if not persistent.

3- Make some new friends and reconnect with old ones.

I miss the intimacy of LJ, and how easy it was to form a really close knit group of friends here. I miss all of YOU, and am going to make the effort, even if its just to say “Hey, how are you?”

This is also to say, if you want to comment on one of my posts and randomly start up a conversation, PLEASE DO!

4- Comment on every fic I read.

I've seen a lot of posts going around tumblr lately about how authors love kudos but comments are what we live for, and yes. I'll admit, I've been lazy and just hitting the kudos button, but no more! If I read a fic and like even one thing about it, I am commenting. So far, I've kept to that pretty consistently.


Considering I only posted 3 things, I find it pretty silly doing my usual LJ Fic In Review. So here they are, with summaries, in case some of you are interested in reading :)

You Can Stay As Long As You Want - Stiles/Derek, M, 6859 words, WIP. Posted 2/7/2016, Updated 2/26/2016 [and not abandoned, I SWEAR]

When Derek arrives upstairs, Erica takes one look at him, rolls her eyes, and takes the bags of groceries from his hands.

“So I see Mr. 5B has arrived,” she says, leaning against the counter, shoulders shaking with laughter.

Derek hates his pack.

Stiles and Scott are the new tenants in Derek's apartment building. While Derek and Stiles attempt to ignore their burgeoning interest in each other, their respective packs make sure nothing will keep the two idiots from falling in love. Except maybe the faulty elevator.

Facilitate - Isaac/Danny, T, 2020 words. Posted 6/24/2016.

Isaac heaves a sigh and sits down at the counter, sliding a rolling pin back and forth between his hands and covering his palms in flour. “Danny wants to have sex.”

Stiles blinks. “O...kay?” He waits a beat for Isaac to continue. “And you… don’t?”

Isaac shakes his head. “No.”

“With Danny?”

“With anyone.”

Let’s Go Get Lost - Scott/Allison/Stiles, M, 5120 words. Posted 8/16/2016.

Stiles still has no idea how they convince their parents to let them drive halfway across the country on their own before their senior year of high school. He’s sure it has less to do with his argument that he and Allison are already eighteen and could legally do what they wanted, and more to do with the sincere but blatantly manipulative sad eyes from Scott as he points out that they could all use a break after…


And now, back my regularly scheduled programming - and by "programming," I mean cleaning my house. Joy.

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