Teen Wolf Meta, or why the events of S4 are too little, too late

Jul 20, 2014 15:38

* This was originally posted to my tumblr, but I figured I would post here as well. No idea how many of you watch Teen Wolf or would be interested in this sort of thing, but what the hell, why not?

So, I was thinking about the current season of Teen Wolf, and why so many things about it were bothering me. Ignoring the lack of character growth and plot holes the size of Texas and some truly horrendous dialogue, let's review a few of the things that have happened.


I wasn't upset that Kate was re-introduced. On the contrary, I am one of what is probably few Kate fans. She's a villain with no conscience, who sticks to her guns - literally - and has no problem massacring an entire family if it means sticking to her own personal moral code.

So, knowing that Kate was coming back - albeit in what could possibly be a rather cringe-worthy fashion - actually made me pretty happy. I was excited.

Derek being de-aged didn’t even bother me all that much, because while my initial reaction was what the actual fuck, did they mine fanfic for ideas and then see what would stick, followed by much eye rolling, knowing why it happened - Kate sent him back to an age where he trusted her, and could therefore get him to do whatever she wants him to do - makes perfect sense in context (sidenote: if I ever again hear Jeff Davis saying Derek wasn't underage when Kate seduced him after airing 4x2, I will laugh in his face.)

The problem is the timing. If Jeff Davis is to be believed - which, knowing Jeff Davis, he could just be talking out of his ass - bringing Kate back has been in the works since the end of season one. So, why wait? Why bring her back now? It's been three seasons since we last saw Kate, two since the final Argent/Hale pack showdown. At this point, with everything else that has happened - the alpha pack, the Darach, the nemeton, the nogitsune, the abrupt shift from Derek being a huge part of the plot to barely having any interaction with Scott and his pack whatsoever - Kate has, unfortunately, become rather irrelevant to the story.


Ignoring, for a moment, the fact that Malia's introduction was so random and out of sync with the rest of last season - ignoring the fact that the writers and actors have openly admitted that Malia is a replacement for Cora who was a replacement for Erica - I do like her as a character. She's a surprising dose of fresh air in a season full of recycled characters.

However, the storyline involving her being Peter's kid just doesn't make any sense. While I am firmly in the camp that hopes she is the illegitimate child of him and Kate, I feel like this was thrown in the mix so Peter finally has something to do besides lurk and provide the occasional sarcastic commentary like the creepy, crazy uncle that he is.

Reading meta which believably lays out all of the reasons that Jackson could have been Peter's child just makes it all the more frustrating because THAT, at least, would have made sense. Jackson is introduced fairly early on in S1 as adopted. He has zero memory of his biological parents, and yet has some sense of familiarity with the Hale house. He begs Derek for the bite, and I would bet almost anything that after S2, it would have been ridiculously simple for Peter to get his claws in him (possibly literally) and manipulate the shit out of him. Which also would have made for some amazing scenes between Peter and Lydia down the line, but that is neither here nor there.

Jackson and Isaac 2.0 - Liam and Garrett

Pretty sure the subtitle says it all. Liam is a mini Jackson, Garrett might as well be Isaac, and while we're making comparisons, Violet might as well be S1 Lydia, and Mason is clearly a replacement for Danny (don't even get me started on the news about Danny.) The new characters have no backstories or interesting personalities with which to catch the viewer’s attention. They are just recycled versions of characters we already know and love, and while they may be pretty, that does not make me want to have anything to do with them. If any of them died, I would lose no sleep over it.

With all of that said (and if you are still reading, here’s a hug and a baked good of your choice), in my mind, the ideal plotline would have gone something like this:

S2 ends the same for everyone. EXCEPT. Erica and Boyd escape and are captured, not by the alpha pack, but by Kate - maybe even by Araya and the other Spanish hunters, because it's about damn time we meet a hunting family that isn't the Argents. Instead of the alpha pack - when Derek's guard is down, thinking the threat of the kanima has been neutralized, Gerard has been dealt with and Allison is no longer a threat, at least for now - Kate shows up, almost exactly as she did at the end of 3B.

Having no one in his pack left but Peter and Jackson, Isaac turns to Scott, and he and Stiles spend the summer - either on screen or off (preferably on, flashbacks are a thing) - trying to find them. Maybe Jackson even joins them at some point, unwillingly, putting him firmly in Peter's sights. Which puts Scott in a leadership position, one he initially rejects but eventually naturally grows into.

Erica and Boyd could still die - though I would prefer that didn't happen, as my love for Erica knows no bounds, and there was not nearly enough time or love given to Boyd. Between Lydia's ritual weakening Derek and whatever crazy shit Kate does to de-age him (hello yellow eyes), he is no longer alpha and/or he uses his powers to save someone else in his pack the same way he gave them up to save his sister - giving Scott ample opportunity to step up into the alpha position.

Imagine though - Allison facing off with Kate! More scenes between her and Derek! Peter manipulating Lydia and Jackson's relationship to get what he wants! Araya telling Lydia she's a banshee! Stiles, Scott and Jackson working together because they have no other choice! Danny finding out because he’s best friends with Jackson and actually being involved (even though he knew all along because wtf Scott and Stiles, you call that whispering?) CHARACTER GROWTH AND PLOT CONTINUITY!

The only losses I would mourn are Parrish and Kira, but Parrish could easily be written in as a new deputy if they needed new characters. I’m sure there would be SOME way to work Kira in as well. A new lacrosse player impressing Scott during tryouts perhaps?

Just a thought.

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