NaBloPoMo - aka I suck at this game

Nov 07, 2013 17:13

So, it took all of three days for me to fail at NaBloPoMo. Color me unsurprised >_<

But I am making up for it now :) )

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elle_blessing November 8 2013, 05:06:52 UTC
Oh! I forgot about Paradigm of Uncertainty! .. Probably because I wasn't a H/Hr shipper at all >.> But I did end up reading PoU anyway because it was so well written. I should read it again sometime...

I really would like to watch Teen Wolf someday. I watched the first 7-8 episodes when they aired, but then just didn't have time to keep up. But I have so many people on my flist who LOVE it that it kind of makes me want to pick it up again. And also, I loved Stiles. And I've seen a few clips and gifs on Tumblr that make me think I'd probably like shipping Stiles/Lydia.

I've been on an Avengers kick myself. Really into Loki/Darcy (there's a few recs on my most recent post), and I've read some good Hawkeye/Black Widow fic... the best thing I've read other than the Loki/Darcy things is a piece by sarea_okelani called The Observable Universe (Clint/Natasha, Thor/Jane, Tony/Pepper). Told from Jane's POV. Really well written. Funny. All of the things.

Am totes going to check out your bookmark page. Thanks!!


jacyevans November 8 2013, 07:26:31 UTC
The entire series is awesome, but PoU is by far my favorite. I was so sad when Lori said she wasn't going to finish it, but I understood why.

If Stiles/Lydia happens in canon, I will be SOOOO happy. Stiles is my bb, and every time he cries, I cry. He's like Sam Winchester - no one should be allowed to make him cry. NO ONE.

I like Loki as a character, but I can't really pair him with anyone. I will definitely check out the other two fics though, because that sounds awesome.

Hope you find something you like! :D


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