NaBloPoMo Day 2

Nov 02, 2013 23:59

When did you create your LJ, and what brought you here? How did you get your username? Has it changed?

I created my LJ on May 26, 2003. Everyone was migrating over here from the Portkey forums (*waves to everyone who I've been friends with since then, hiiiii*), and it took a few weeks to get an invite code, but I got one. It was right before I graduated high school. And that makes me feel old, because WHOA.

I got my username after searching baby names website for names that meant "moon." I found Jacy, and really liked it, but the name was already taken. So I tacked on Evans at the end, as in Lily Evans from Harry Potter. I've considered changing it on multiple occasions, but I've been jacyevans for so long that it would just be weird to me. It bothers me that my tumblr username is different, but someone already registered under jacyevans. And they aren't me. And the blog is empty -_-

livejournal: nablopomo

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