Nov 01, 2013 23:57

So *waves* Hello. It's been a while since I posted here, and dream_mancer has convinced me that the way to rectify that is to do NaBloPoMo with her this month.

We'll see how well this actually works out.

Today's topic: It's Friday and you have better things to do than post a blog entry. Just share something that makes you laugh.(Except I don't have better ( Read more... )

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elle_blessing November 2 2013, 04:31:15 UTC
I love 'The Damage' and ALL OF THE LEMONS (HAHA! Smartass.) and THE PICKLES. I want to know the waiter that did that. HEEE.

I will find your tumbles. I'm elleblessingway. I also do all of the fandoms, and the randoms, and anything else that's shiny.

YAY FOR NEW FRINDS. *high fives!*


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