Revolution Ficlet: The Ungrateful Dead

Oct 16, 2013 19:51

Title: The Ungrateful Dead
Fandom: nbc's Revolution
Rating: pg-13
Characters: Miles, Aaron, Charlie, Rachel
Summary: Right after they failed to stop the nukes, the gang venture outside the Tower and make a horrifying discovery.
A/N: This is a ficlet and won't be continued, written as a Bday present for nbc_revolution 's 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday Comm!

When those ICBMs went off, something unexpected happened. Not the nuking of two major cities, that was completely expected- why should they actually succeed in stopping them, when they've had such a nice track record of failing at everything? No, it's what happened after that was unexpected.

They completely blacked out and lost twenty minutes. Miles, Rachel, Charlie and Aaron had no idea what happened, it was just another question to add to their endless unanswered questions pile. Between their state of shock and the confusion over the lost time, it's no wonder they had no idea what was happening outside, not until it spread closer to the Tower itself.

When they finally left the Tower to venture outside, it was several hours after the nukes went off and they were all getting a bit claustrophobic inside. They couldn't find Tom or Jason or the rest of the Militia in the Tower, or in the immediate vicinity of the blown-off entrance. There was an eerie silence, the air heavy with trepidation, though from what, Miles couldn't say.

The dead bodies strewn on the ground were the first hint that something was wrong. They weren't riddled with bullet holes or stab wounds- their limbs were torn off and they had what looked like bite marks, like a pack of rabid animals dismembered them.

"What the hell?" Miles asked aloud, as they spread out and checked for survivors. "Who did this?"

"Militia?" Aaron suggested tentatively.

"I doubt it," Miles said with a grimace. "The Militia can be cruel, but this... This is something different."

"We should get back inside, we'll be safer in there," Rachel said.

"And do what? Hide for the rest of our lives?" Charlie asked, shaking her head. "Randall nuked two cities, we blacked out and now we're surrounded by dead bodies-"

"I think one of them is alive!" Aaron called them over, as he crouched down by a man missing his arm, who seemed to be groaning slightly. "Are you ok? Stupid question, you're missing your arm- obviously you're not ok. But we can get you help. What's your name?" The man in question continued to groan, as he raised himself up to a sitting position.

"Can you talk? What happened here?" Miles asked him urgently. "Who did this?"

The man suddenly lurched at Aaron, who fell back on his ass and shuffled away from him quickly. "What the hell, man? We're just trying to help!"

"Aaron, get back." Miles drew his sword, as the groaning man got to his feet unsteadily. "Something's not right with this guy."

"Of course something's not right with him- he tried to take a bite out of me!" Aaron proclaimed, as the groaning man swayed towards them. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was-"

"Don't," Miles hissed, "don't you dare say it."

"Say what?" Charlie asked, "what's going on?"

"Get back," Miles told the still approaching man. "Or I'll kill you, I swear to God." The man didn't even pause his advance, so Miles stabbed him in the heart. The man looked down at the sword, before walking forward and impaling himself.

"Jesus!" Miles backed up and pulled out his sword, before swinging it and decapitating the man, who crumbled to the floor. Suddenly more groans emerged from all around them.

"Back to the Tower- now!" Miles shouted. They retreated to the entrance as more groaning, limping men and women slowly approached them.

"We'll need guns," Rachel ran off down the hallway.

"What the hell is going on?" Charlie asked them, as they started barricading themselves in.

Miles and Aaron shared a look, before saying in unison: "Zombies."

type: ficlet, show: revolution

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