Revolution Fic: Scorched Earth

Dec 29, 2012 02:09

Title: Scorched Earth

Fandom: nbc's Revolution

Rating: Mature or light-R. Language, non-descriptive violence, major character deaths.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Charlie, Rachel, Danny, Nora and Aaron all die.

Characters: Miles, Charlie, Rachel, Danny, Nora, Aaron, Monroe and Jeremy.

Pairing: Gen mostly, though mild Miles/Nora.

Prompt: From nbc_revolution's Community Prompt Table 011. Charred ( Read more... )

pairing: miles/nora, character: bass monroe, character: rachel matheson, character: jeremy baker, show: revolution, type: fic, character: charlie matheson, character: nora clayton, character: danny matheson, character: miles matheson, 100 fics in 100 days, character: aaron pittman

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corycides December 29 2012, 16:07:23 UTC
Oof, poor Miles. Just when he thinks it is bad, it gets worse.

I love Jeremy as the voice of unheard reason/slightly grubby morality. Great fic :)


ivy_b December 29 2012, 19:39:43 UTC
Yeah, I felt bad for what I was doing while writing it. It's one of those "things are going ok, so everything will be going to hell soon" types of things. I'm probably going to write a companion piece to this with Bass and Miles both being completely broken.

LOL, I think my Jeremy muse is mostly your fault (and some other fantastic writers)- I love your Jeremy and he just seems to pop up in some of my ideas. It's kinda sad when Jeremy of all people is trying to be the voice of reason/morality- that's when you know you're off the deep end.

I wasn't sure how this fic came out, so thanks for reading and reviewing!


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