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Aug 09, 2030 22:00

So, I have decided to be a masochist and collect all my stories in one handy post, for your convenience and mine.

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istne_pieklo March 2 2012, 20:19:40 UTC
Hopefully yes. I just can't say when. I have anon and off relationship with the manga now, hence not really that much inspiration.
It's not in this archive because it's not finished. I only added complete fics here.


frelling_tralk July 30 2013, 17:41:02 UTC
Just to say that hey, I've friended you :waves awkwardly:

red_satin_doll was recommending your LJ recently, and I'm always looking for more Bts fans to follow :)


istne_pieklo July 30 2013, 18:11:24 UTC
Hi. :) Always glad to make new friends. Though I must warn you: I don't write much for BtVS (though it is my favourite show and I'm a little - okay, a lot - crazy about it XD).


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