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Aug 09, 2030 22:00

So, I have decided to be a masochist and collect all my stories in one handy post, for your convenience and mine.

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Alone and Colder: Two sets of memories and three homes create a chaos in Connor’s mind. [Connor, Spike; PG]

Feel Without Touch: Spike enjoys what he gets but he can’t help wanting more. [Spike/Buffy; G]

It Matters Little (Or Not At All): Leaving Drusilla in the asylum is the hardest decision Spike has ever made. [past Spike/Drusilla, past Spike/Buffy; PG]

Meant to Go 'Round In Pairs: She makes him want to rise above what he is, but it’s not that easy. [Angel/Buffy; G]

Once, A Glimpse: Illyria wonders how much the image of Fred really disturbs Wesley and ponders on the notions of pretense and insincerity. [mild Illyria/Wesley, implied Wesley/Fred; G]

Tarnished: It’s always about someone else. [implied one-sided Lindsey/Darla; G]

The Sound of the Universe Coming Back: She can’t promise him forever, but a fellow’s got to try. [Spike/Buffy; PG]

Battlestar Galactica/Caprica

Heads and Hearts Roll: Lucifer gets pro tips on being somebody’s hallucination. [SPN/BSG crossover; Lucifer/Head!Six, Lucifer/Sam; PG-13]

Passacaglia: Caprica Six arrives to New Caprica looking for the man she loves. What she finds is a ruin. [Gaius Baltar/Caprica Six; PG]

To Clinch A Lifetime's Argument (Battlestar Galactica): When all is said and done, Lee Adama sets out to explore the world. Yet there is something he can’t quite let go of. [Lee/Kara; G]

You Won’t Cry, I Won’t Scream: Zoe listens, and understands. [Zoe-R, Daniel Graystone; G]

Being Human

Good Times, Bad Times: When Cutler comes to Honolulu Heights with the purpose of killing Eve, it is Hal who opens the door. And he doesn’t let him enter. From here on out, it’s either a horror show or a sitcom. Cutler is not quite certain what the difference is. [Hal/Cutler, ensemble; R]

The Lavender Blue Series

Being Cruel Was Such a Cool Thing to Do: Hal undergoes rehab. Tom helps. An old friend - not so much. [Hal/Cutler; PG-13]

The Pinnacle of Being Alive: It is difficult enough to manage one vampire on the wagon. It is next to impossible to manage two. Hal tries it anyway. [Hal/Cutler; PG-13; sequel to Being Cruel Was Such A Cool Thing To Do]

Mad Season: Hal and Tom are less than thrilled when Alex accepts Cutler’s help looking for her body. A man like Nick Cutler always has ulterior motives. Or does he? [Hal/Cutler; R; sequel to The Pinnacle of Being Alive]


Lonely Rivers: Lord Hal has a unique proposal for the War Child. She’s not interested but it might end up becoming her only option. [Hal/Eve, Hal/Cutler; NC-17]

Ausencia: To save humanity the War Child must die. Eve found a loophole but humanity isn’t as grateful as it should be. Sequel to Lonely Rivers. [Hal/Eve, side Hal/Cutler; NC-17]


14; 336: Two weeks ago a werewolf was killed. [George/Nina; PG]

Blood Beats Black: Cutler’s first week of being a vampire. Or a poor excuse for one. [Hal/Cutler, Cutler/Rachel; R]

Cheap Tricks and Little Truths: What’s a little bloodshed on the way to glory? [Cutler, Tom; implied Hal/Cutler; PG]

Dirt: Nick Cutler reconsiders his worldview during his wife’s funeral. [Hal/Cutler; PG-13]

Find a map that takes me back: Hal’s rehab hallucinations are getting more and more elaborate. [Hal, Tom, Alex; PG]

Full of Broken Words: The War Child has changed many names over the years. [Eve Sands; PG] (Also available as podfic read by croissantkatie.)

if you won’t save me, please don’t waste my time: Five times Dominic Rook’s suicide was rudely interrupted and one time that he changed his mind. [Rook; PG-13]

Like It Never Was: A day after the first phone call, Hal calls Rook again. [Rook and Hal; PG-13]

Mary, Queen of Chance: Their arrangement is not two plus one. It’s three. [Alex, Hal, Tom; G]

Of Love, Biscuits and Free Will: Dennis wants to read. Louis wants to dance. Fergus wants to kill. Or: How Hal’s henchmen pass the time. [Dennis; PG]

Past, Perfect Tense: Back in the fifties, Hal was cruel temptation. Now it’s Cutler’s turn to return the favour. [Hal/Cutler, Cutler/Rachel; NC-17]

Requiem For a Jerk: Aside from planning to take over the world and missing Hal, Nick Cutler does… absolutely nothing. [Cutler/Rachel, Hal/Cutler; PG-13]

Rewritten By Machine: The 2030s come in a flash, bring blood, war and a bogus messiah, and take away Hollywood and the meaning of life. Hal thinks they’re mostly great. [Hal; PG-13]

Sleep Twitch: The first month together doesn’t go as planned. Except there was never any plan, and some would say it could have gone worse. [Hal/Leo; R]

The Day We Said Goodbye: My name is Pearl and I’ll love you the best way I know how… Hal and Pearl and all the time they’ve got in the aftermath of Leo’s death. [Hal/Pearl; R]

The Forest of Talking Trees: Hal values his books significantly more than his people. [Hal/Cutler; R]

the ones who practice wicked charms: "I will not allow the legacy of my father and his father before him to go out with a whimper." (Rookileaks 3) [Rook; PG-13]

there was a whisper: Nina, before and after her death. [George/Nina; PG]

Wear My Chains: Behind a door in Purgatory, there is one vampire, maybe two, maybe a legion. It’s a matter of opinion. [Hal/Mitchell; R]

Whatever fetish I decide myself to cast you in: The rules of Hal’s games are unclear and one game always leads to another. It’s the price of being with Hal, and Cutler pays it gladly. [Hal/Cutler; NC-17]

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Echoes of Solitude part 1: Episode-based drabbles for Doctor Who Series 3. The Doctor and Martha are trying to get used to each other. [G]

Final: What if it’s the end? What if it’s finally Jack’s time to go? [Jack Harkness; G]

Here Come the Drums: Only the Master can break the silence around him. [vague Ten/Master; G]

In Tears: 10 mini-drabbles focused on the Tenth Doctor final days. [PG]

Lonely Gods: Shortly after his regeneration the Tenth Doctor muses about his destiny and Rose. [implied Ten/Rose; G]

New New Story part 1 and part 2: Episode-based drabbles for Doctor Who Series 2. [G]

Off We Go part 1 and part 2: Episode-based drabbles for Doctor Who Series 1. Mostly Doctor and Rose-centric, with a few exceptions. [G]

Sparks: A small memory helps Rose understand. [Ten II/Rose, implied Rose/Ten; G]

Stars Go Out: “What are you going to do now? Come on, Doctor! Heal me! Justify your name!” [vague Ten/Master; PG]

Take Me to the Riot: The blue box with a madman. [The TARDIS, the Doctor; G]

The Last of the Noble Kind: There were three of them once. They shared four hearts and they saved the universe. [Doctor, Donna, Human Doctor, mentions of 10.5/Rose, Shaun/Donna; G]


First Impressions: Jurgen knows that the first impression is always the most important. [Jurgen, Errol Partridge; G]

Riots: Emotions are overwhelming when you’ve only just discovered them. John is not sure he can cope. [John Preston, Jurgen, Robbie Preston; PG]

Succession: For every action, there is a reaction. John Preston learns it the hard way. [hints of Jurgen/John, Robbie; G]

That New Baggage: Inside they are all empty. They need to be filled with something. Better start with the small stuff. [Jurgen, John Preston; G]


After the Fires: “They took turns at not noticing. It was Merlin’s turn.” Finding out about Merlin’s magic was one thing. Coping with it - now that’s something Arthur isn’t entirely sure he can manage. [Merlin, Arthur; PG]

First: Magic sets Morgana apart. [Morgana; G]

Pour la galerie: Merlin gets himself a stalker. Arthur pays the price. [Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, hints of Merlin/semi-OFC; PG]



Lunar, Solar: "…because Sasuke would be the moon, Naruto would be the sun, and during an eclipse..." One can expect only trouble from unbidden guests. Naruto obviously forgets it when he sees a certain Uchiha on his doorstep, asking for help. [Sasuke/Naruto, R]

Out of the Sky: Post-394 AU. Sasuke wakes up incarcerated; his only company - a faceless inmate, his only goal - to break free. But why does it feel like he's heard that voice from the other side of the wall so many times before? [Itachi, Sasuke; R]


A Slice of Dreams: 'He wants to possess Hashirama's thoughts as much as Hashirama possesses his.' Snippets of the Founders' life on and off Konoha construction site. [Madara/Hashirama; NC-17]

Aniron: Sasuke just wants to have a piece of home with him. [Sasuke/Naruto; PG-13]

As Children: Madara looks at Naruto and sees someone else. [Madara; PG]

Before the Dawn: “I have an ambition, too: to find a certain man and to bring him home.” [Naruto, hinted Naruto/Sasuke, hinted Naruto/Sakura; PG]

Butterfly: Karui hates being given false hope. But maybe, just maybe, what Naruto offers is real. [Karui; PG]

Cold Is the Water: Itachi, before and after Shisui. [Itachi, Shisui, Naruto; PG]

Come With Me: It’s been five years since they last saw each other, but nothing changes. When Sasuke calls, Suigetsu still comes. [Suigetsu; PG-13]

Competition: There’re three things Itachi knows about Sasuke for sure: he’s foolish, he’s little and he’s Itachi’s brother. [Itachi, Sasuke; G]

Cosmic Tears: Who would have thought the dobe can dance? [heavily implied Sasuke/Naruto; PG-13]

Dare Not Speak His Name: Pure animalistic hate is what Madara reserves for Senju Tobirama. [Madara/Tobirama, implied Madara/Hashirama; R]

Deep Core: There is a cure from the nightmares; all Sasuke has to do is reach out for it and accept the truth that he will never be alone anymore. [Sasuke/Naruto; PG-13]

Do or Don't: Sasuke tries reverse psychology on Suigetsu. [Suigetsu/Sasuke; R]

Faceless: Little Itachi reflects on destiny and death during the funeral of Uchiha Obito. Years later a small accident makes him remember that day again. [Itachi, the Akatsuki; PG]

Fireflies: 10 mini-drabbles starring various Naruto characters. [Various; PG]

Flicker: Sometimes Itachi asks himself why exactly he is friends with Uchiha Shisui. [Itachi, Shisui; G]

For The Kill: Day after day Uchiha and Senju fight for superiority. Night after night, the fight continues. [Madara/Hashirama; NC-17]

Glorious Messed Up World: Dreams and reality rarely match up. Seven years after the end of his world Naruto finds himself entangled in a far more sinister web of events that leads to unexpected encounters and shocking revelations. [Naruto/OFC, implied SasuNaru; PG]

Halcyon Days: If Sasuke had asked Deidara to join him against the Akatsuki, would Deidara have agreed? [Deidara/Itachi, Sasuke; PG-13]

Half-Words: They don’t need words to understand each other. They can take hints. [Kisame/Itachi; PG-13]

Hit or Miss: And then Itachi did something totally unexpected: he put up his sword and said quietly: “Go home, Sasuke.” The brothers clash again. [Itachi/Sasuke; NC-17]

Headlights on Dark Roads: At some point Shisui couldn’t see past one night they had shared; and it was so easy to overlook the subtle change in his best friend’s behaviour. [Shisui/Itachi; R]

If That's All Right: One of these days, Sasuke will have to stop running. It could be today. [Naruto/Sasuke; R]

In Altum: Sasuke never let anyone get close to him. And Suigetsu never asked permission. [Suigetsu/Sasuke; R]

In My Dreams: He wondered what it would feel like to lose her. Would it hurt him? Would it make him suffer? [Pain/Konan; G]

It's a Sure Shot, Honey: The less heroic snippets of the two heroes’ life together. [Minato/Kushina; PG]

Killed A Man In A Far-Away Land: Now that the battle is over, Naruto can let himself cry. Maybe if he doesn’t move, this moment won’t go away. [Naruto, Sasuke; PG]

Landslide: As little as the Kyuubi knows about human emotions, it knows full well that its container's heart beats a lot faster when he's in the presence of one Uchiha Sasuke. Kyuubi, Sasuke/Naruto; PG-13]

Maybe I Don't Want You To Go: Kimimaro is Juugo’s only tie to the world. And he’s losing it. [10 drabbles; Kimimaro/Juugo; PG-13 to R]

Midnight on the Firing Line: Apparently Naruto’s idea of friendship is making his friend’s life harder. [Sasuke, Naruto; G]

Moments Gone: He has lost far too much, yet he isn’t ready to die yet. Snippets of Kakashi’s life that made him who he is. [Kakashi, mildly hinted Kakashi/Sakura; PG-13]

Moon Rabbit: Sasuke watches his current team and thinks that maybe he still has ties to the past. Maybe it’s time for them to start caring for each other because they are so much more than a band of mercenaries. [Team Hawk; PG]

Moonlight Dance: Shikamaru really doesn’t want to get involved with this troublesome woman. [Shikamaru/Temari; G]

No I Love You's: Sasuke knows all kinds of loneliness, but he has never felt as lonely as he does now that the war is over and he has returned home. [Sasuke, implied Sasuke/Naruto; PG]

Nothing Wrong: In the aftermath of his battle with Danzou, Sasuke contemplates what he has been changing into. [Sasuke, Karin; G]

Notes of Encouragement: They see the prelude to the end differently, but the end - it’s always the same. [Sasuke/Naruto; PG]

Perpetuum Mobile: Sasuke wants revenge on Itachi who's after Naruto who won't give up on his friend. Things have been complicated from the start, and it doesn't get any better when all three finally meet. [Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi; R]

Pulse: There are days when Minato remembers nothing - and days when he remembers everything. What death feels like. [Minato; G]

Quietly: Today Sasuke is coming home. [Sasuke, Naruto; G]

Sans Direction: Sakura wants to know what loneliness tastes like. Kakashi can’t help wondering why she’s chosen him. It’s funny how a few days can change lives. [Kakashi/Sakura; PG]

Say That You Believe: No matter what, Sakura will always wait for him. The time for tears is over. [Sasuke/Sakura; PG-13]

Secrets: One accidental meeting, two half-hearted revelations and two items of clothing - that’s what it takes to change Sakura’s life. [mild Kakashi/Sakura; PG]

She Had A Heart: Tsunade just wants to see their smiles one more time. [Tsunade; G]

Slow Journey to the Core: Everything that Madara hates is incidentally centred around one person. [Madara; G]

Square Sun: Even ninjas can act awfully childish at times. Naruto and Sasuke in detention together back when they had thoughts and dreams to share. [Naruto, Sasuke; G]

Still Breathing: Somewhere along the way Sasuke and Itachi meet again. But it’s always ‘until next time’ with Itachi. [Itachi/Sasuke; R]

Sunshine: Kushina measures the important events in her life by the length of her hair. [Kushina, Minato/Kushina; PG-13]

That Good Night: There is someone haunting Itachi, and he is waiting for him to say the right words. [Itachi, Shisui; G]

That Kind of Trash: He was always caught in between, walking the thin line between the past and the present; but what of the future? Kakashi makes a choice. [Kakashi; PG]

The Haunting Party: There is no greater hell than being a ghost and haunting Uchiha Sasuke. [Itachi; PG]

The Shorter Story: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura - together and alone. The final battle is on. [Team 7; PG-13]

Warm Wind: After the battle against Pain is over, Naruto muses about the secrets learnt and the goals set. [Naruto; G]

Warriors of Spirit: On a lonely training ground in the rain Naruto finally gets a bit closer to his eternal adversary-turned-partner Uchiha Sasuke. [Naruto, Sasuke; PG-13]

when i wanted the roaches dead: People who want to kill each other talk first. It’s tradition. [Sasuke/Naruto; PG]

The Crack Circle (Sasuke/Kishimoto stories) can be found on sasuxkishi.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Ain't Too Proud to Beg: That family was built up on coincidences, but now that Teague remembers, he is dead certain: it could not be any other way. [Captain Edward Teague/Jack Sparrow’s Mother; PG-13]

Lil' Bit of Plotting: Jack’s favourite drink isn’t about to let him live on forever without it. [rum/Jack; G]

Shore Leave: Jack Sparrow holds his life in the palm of his hand. Quite literally. [Jack Sparrow, the Black Pearl; G]

Sunrising: Jack can be a hopeless romantic when it comes to ships. The fall of the Wench, the rise of the Pearl. [Jack Sparrow, Bill Turner; G]

The Risk of Being Free: The things one has to give up for freedom. [Jack Sparrow, Bill Turner; G]

Win-Win: Every man has a price. In light of losing what he treasures most, Jack Sparrow wonders what his is. [Jack Sparrow, Cutler Beckett, Davy Jones; PG]

Prison Break

Can’t Resurrect Men with Mighty Hymns: They have one day to mourn and the rest of the year to live their lives. [Alex Mahone, Sara Tancredi, ensemble; PG-13]

Disconnected: Michael Scofield and Alexander Mahone. Together they’re unbeatable. [vague Alex/Michael; PG]

Fading: Watching someone fade away before your very eyes is never easy. Alex fears the world as it will be without Michael. [Alex Mahone, Michael Scofield; PG]

Getting Away With… (co-written with dune_master): 10 mini-drabbles starring various Prison Break characters. [Various; PG]

Insight: “Did you see angels, John?” Michael’s thoughts about Fox River and one weird conversation with Abruzzi the Preacher. [Michael Scofield, John Abruzzi; G]

One Man On the Run: Michael’s feelings during the final minutes of the episode when the Escapees are running towards the jet that’s taking off. [Michael Scofield, Fox River 8; G]

The Next Best Thing: Alex alone with Michael in the tunnel. There is a better drug than heroin right before him. [vague Alex/Michael; PG-13]

Sengoku BASARA

A Hole in the Sky: Kenshin ponders the ambiguous nature of some things. [implied Kenshin/Shingen; G]

All Those Things Are Better Left Unsaid: Masamune thinks he knows what he wants. Kojuurou knows that he doesn’t. [Masamune/Kojuurou; PG-13]

Good Courage: Yukimura discovers a new way to communicate with Masamune. [implied Masamune/Yukimura, implied Kenshin/Shingen; G]

Open to Interpretation: Sasuke tries to get to know Kojuurou. [G]

Say Goodnight and Go: Yukimura wishes he had two hearts, one for each. [Yukimura/Masamune; PG]

Sengoku BASARA 27x27 (co-written with artsatalex): 27 mini-drabbles, 27 words each, from gen to crack, from het to slash, celebrating the insanity that is Basara. [Various; PG]

Sengoku BASARA 729 (co-written with artsatalex): 27 mini-drabbles, 27 words each, from gen to crack, from het to slash, celebrating the insanity that is Basara. Batch # 2. [Various; PG]

Sengoku BASARA NC-27 (co-written with artsatalex): 27 mini-drabbles, 27 words each, from gen to crack, from het to slash, celebrating the insanity that is Basara. Batch # 3. [Various; PG]

The Best of Both Worlds: Kenshin may have found an unorthodox way to invade Kai. [implied Kenshin/Shingen; G]

There Be Monsters (co-written with dune_master): Date Masamune has never lost a battle… until now. [Masamune, Kojuurou; G]

While It Lasts: Yukimura witnesses something that he shouldn't. [Kojuurou/Masamune, implied Masamune/Yukimura; R]


Made For the Big Time: Three years later, this is Sherlock Holmes apologising. And he still sucks at it. [Sherlock/John; G]

One Door Swinging Closed: Love is a heart condition and Sherlock is perfectly healthy, thank you very much. [Sherlock/Irene; G]

Onlookers: Living with Sherlock is like being a constant victim of a Halloween prank. [John, Sherlock; PG-13]

Process of Elimination: “Have you ever seen a tiger hunt, Doctor Watson?” Two ordinary men coping with the Fall in their own ways. [John, Moran; G]

Say It and Go: Mycroft wants John to forgive him after Sherlock's 'death'. Somehow it feels necessary. [Mycroft, John, Sherlock; G]

Star Trek

Beautiful Ugly: Spock’s view of Jim and the feelings he stirs. [G]

She Calls, She Comforts: Jim has finally found a perfect girl.[Jim Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise; PG]

The Gist of It: Jim commits himself to his ship. [Jim Kirk, the Enterprise; G]

Star Wars

Descent: The non-Jedi ghosts have never visited Cade before. [Cade Skywalker, Padme Amidala; G]

Head Down: Years after the fall of the Jedi Order, an old acquaintance seeks Obi-Wan out on Tatooine. [hints of Asajj Ventress/Obi-Wan Kenobi; G]

Scriptures of War: Obi-Wan has seen the world fall in seven days. [Obi-Wan Kenobi; PG]


All the Way to the Bottom of the Wishing Well: Ben is off to do some soul-searching. And some people-searching. And to kill some bad things along the way. [Ben Braeden; PG-13]

Birth Certificate: What Meg wants is power because power means freedom. (comment_fic fill for the prompt "great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force" by xenoamorist) [Meg; G]

Dead Don't Talk: Sam learns from Lucifer. Lucifer learns from Sam. [Sam, Lucifer, Michael; PG]

Fixing the Primus Stove (It Ain’t Easy): Chuck Shurley is a prophet of the Lord even if the Lord has changed. [Chuck Shurley, Castiel; PG]

Girl Made of Hope: Castiel visits his beloved daughter. [Castiel, Claire Novak; G]

Give Thy Thoughts No Tongue: In 2014 Claire Novak becomes the most wanted person on the planet. She is the girl who carries the grace of the last angel on earth. [Dean/Claire, implied Dean/Castiel; R]

Ground Zero: Things Dean wishes he could say to Sam; dreams both Winchesters wish they never saw; tears Dean is ashamed to admit he has shed. [Dean, Sam; PG-13]

Heads and Hearts Roll: Lucifer gets pro tips on being somebody’s hallucination. [SPN/BSG crossover; Lucifer/Head!Six, Lucifer/Sam; PG-13]

My Brother, Dean Winchester: Sam has trouble writing an essay for school. (comment_fic fill for the prompt "brothers" by tigriswolf) [Sam, Dean; G]

One Thing Left To Ask: Castiel’s transition from angel to human is not easy. (comment_fic fill for the prompt "sucking on stardust like rockcandy" by elfinmouse) [Castiel; G]

Phobos: Dean encounters the ghost of fear. [Dean, Sam; PG]

Screwball: Some time after Castiel ceases to be a God, he struggles to fit back into his human family. Meanwhile, Sam thinks he is becoming invisible, Dean is tired, Bobby grumbles, and monster souls are running amok. [mild Dean/Castiel; PG]

State Trooper: Once, the Impala saved the world. [Dean, the Impala; G]

Tell Me I'm a Screwed-Up Mess: The Leviathan is having an existential crisis. (a.k.a. What if SPN was written by Joss Whedon.) [Dean, the Leviathan, Sam; PG-13]

The Soil Bound Us Together: The life and death(s) of a Winchester. [Dean, Sam; PG]


Past the Mission (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles): In the dark labyrinths of the future, John Connor is slowly losing his mind. [John/Allison, implied John/Cameron; PG-13]

Ripping at the Seams (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles): Derek watches Cameron dance. [PG]

Yesterday's Got Nothing (Terminator Salvation): When John suspects there is malware in Marcus Wright’s system, he takes it upon himself to fix things. With mixed results. [John/Marcus, canon pairings implied; R]


27 Shots for Dear William (RSC Hamlet/Dead Man): Sometimes a character becomes the writer of his own story. [Hamlet, William Blake; PG]

A Healthy Heartbeat (Misfits): Nathan comes to terms with his power. [PG]

After the Silence (Spider-Man): Harry couldn't forgive Peter in spite of what he said when he thought he was dying. So the Green Goblin is once again after Spider-man. [Harry Osborne/Peter Parker; R]

Any Good In All This (Ringer): comment_fic fill for the prompt: Bridget/Andrew, "You're the sweetest man I've ever been with" by klutzy_girl.

At Night (Dune): Muad’Dib’s is the destiny chosen not by him but by higher powers. Does he really want it? Can he really take it? [PG]

Bad Things Gone Away (Grimm): The original story of the Little Red Riding Hood had a very different ending. It's just one of the things Nick doesn't need to know. (comment_fic fill for the prompt "the book’s pages are sticking together" by havenward) [Eddie, Nick; G]

Burnt Orange (Misfits): The things Nathan will not say to the others. At least out loud. [Nathan Young, ensemble; G]

Come Sing to Me (Rain Man): Charlie muses about his family and the circumstances that resulted in Raymond’s departure to Wallbrook. [Charlie Babbit; PG]

Delicate (Howl's Moving Castle): She must be pretty special if he fell in love with her without a heart. [Howl/Sophie; G]

Driving Circles (X-Men: First Class): Erik hates Charles. Honestly, he does. Telepathic foreplay ensues. [Erik/Charles; G]

Fireflies-2 (Original/Multi-fandom crossover): 10 mini-drabbles starring various fanfic and original characters. [PG]

Go Mad (Heroes): Claire wonders if she can ever forgive herself for bringing Sylar back into the world - but it needed to be done. [Claire Bennett, Sylar; R]

Got the Poison, Got the Remedy (House M.D.): Chase wants to talk to a priest because- [G]

I Remember You (The Invisible): Nick remembers the girl who has changed his life. [Nick Powell; PG]

Let Him Hear (Dune): “We are both very much alike, Duncan,” Muad’Dib said. The ghola Hayt is desperate to know his past but he is also afraid of it. [Muad'Dib, Duncan Idaho; PG]

Out of Mud (Public Enemies): Twenty-six years after the infamous John Dillinger’s death, the former special agent Purvis contemplates the way his life has turned out. [Melvin Purvis, John Dillinger; PG]

Peace of Advice (Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland): After Alice is gone, the Hatter does a rather uncharacteristic thing: he begins to wait. [The Hatter, the White Queen; G]

Playing a Game in the House that I Grew Up In (Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland): The question Alice fears is when. [The Hatter/Alice; G]

Reasoning (The Inheritance Cycle): Thorn’s thoughts on humanity. [G]

Renovatio (The Island): It’s not about living; it’s about survival. Lincoln Six-Echo ponders everything he’s been through after the escape from the centre. [PG]

Second Wind (Oxygen): Harry told Madeline she was free. He was mistaken. Alcohol and problems are back in her life - and, oddly, so is Harry. [Madeline Foster, Harry Houdini; PG-13]

The Hands of the Clock Came to a Standstill (Dante's Cove): Grace Neville contemplates the future in the aftermath of the battle against the House of Shadows. [Grace Neville, Ambrosius Vallin; PG]

Death Note fics here


Doll Parts (Being Human/T:SCC): The world ends many times. Possibly every day. In the future, a girl from London and a boy from LA play the your Apocalypse is better than mine game. [Eve Sands, John Connor; PG-13]

Heads and Hearts Roll: Lucifer gets pro tips on being somebody’s hallucination. [SPN/BSG crossover; Lucifer/Head!Six, Lucifer/Sam; PG-13]


All About Expediency (Being Human): A John Mitchell meta.

I Can't Be Your Confessor (Being Human): Guilt, confessions and forgiveness in Being Human.

If Nick Cutler Were a Song (Being Human): A look at Cutler's character expressed through musical associations. [Part 1 of music meta]

If Eve Sands Were a Song: A look at Eve's character expressed through musical associations. [Part 2 of music meta]

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