Being Human: Sleep of Reason [Hal/Rook] 7/? co-written w/shirogiku

Sep 28, 2014 17:06

Title: “Sleep of Reason”
Author: shirogiku, Shaitanah
Rating: NC-17
Timeline: post-vampire revolution
Summary: Hal Yorke took three things from Rook: his job, his integrity and his faith. To get them back, Rook gambles everything he's got left. [Hal/Rook, Hal/Cutler]
Disclaimer: Being Human belongs to Toby Whithouse and the BBC.
A/N: Apologies for the delay, we've lost our TARDIS.

Part I. Chapter 1 | Part I. Chapter 2 | Part I. Chapter 3 | Part I. Chapter 4 | Part I. Chapter 5
Part II. Chapter 6

Chapter 7 on AO3

sleep of reason, being human, collab, slash, ch: hal yorke, shirogiku, ch: oc, tv, p: hal/rook, ch: dominic rook

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