Suspects 1x01 [reaction post]

Feb 13, 2014 17:18

Even as I'm typing this up I'm in doubt as to whether or not I should even bother. I'd never had any high hopes for this show and predictably I didn't like it very much. It's not a terrible show; it's just not my cup of tea. Very much so. But it's not without its redeeming qualities, I suppose, and besides, I've resigned myself to watching all kinds of weirdness that the Being Human actors take part in. XD

1. The documentary style. I'm not a fan. I like a documentary or home video style episode every now and then (my favourites would probably be "Bitten" on SPN, which structured as a story of three college students making a movie, and "X-Cops" on The X-Files, in which a documentary about police is being filmed and Mulder and Scully get into that), but I'm not sure I can take a full series filmed that way. First of all, by the end of the episode the shaky camera work was making me sick, and it wasn't even the worst camera work of this type I've seen. Second of all, it is pieced together from various sources, including something that looked like CCTV footage, which provides a lot of odd angles (Damien f.ex. was often shown from behind, in the shadows or half-turned). It's very realistic in the sense that the cop characters are seldom the focus of the camera. They speak in hushed tones with little inflection, which is doubtless how it should be, but it doesn't work for me personally. If I want to watch a programme about coppers, I'll go and watch it; I don't need actors playing them for me.
I'm generally not a big fan of the procedural genre. This has been my issue with Ripper Street, Murdoch Mysteries, etc. They are all very case-focused. Of course a case is a big deal, just like a disease is a big deal in medical dramas; it may be central to the plot, but it doesn't have to be the plot. When I watch a show about fictional characters, I want some personality, something to relate to. (Actually, now that I think about it, the same goes for real people because if I want to know about their achievements, I'll read Wiki; a biopic should give me something more than bare facts.) I suppose the point of Suspects is to have us connect to the, well, suspects, not coppers. But it's difficult because we'll see the investigators every week, but the suspects will change.

2. The case. Oddly, I liked it. It turned out to be rather heartbreaking and the plot twist came unexpected (but maybe it's because I spent most of the hour half-watching, half-chatting and occasionally even reading because I was just that bored with what was going on on my screen). I guess as far as emotional connection goes, I managed to find one with the boy because I did have a small lump in my throat when the denouement of the case was revealed.

3. Damien. I... can't really say anything? I wouldn't say this is a waste of his talent because any role I've seen him in so far reveals different sides of his acting abilities, but I confess I probably wouldn't look twice at him if I didn't already love him. (But I would listen twice because his vooooice and his accent <3)

I do hope he gets more interesting roles in the future; or perhaps that this show becomes more interesting.
As for the two of his colleagues, I have even less to say. Except that it's cool that they're women; you don't often see ladies outnumbering men in the lead cast of a cop show.

Loving Damien is becoming as much of a chore as loving Andrew Gower. But if you don't mind the documentary style, I'd recommend you at least check out the first episode. Maybe it's just not up my alley.

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