Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x08: Home

Dec 13, 2013 18:02

Despite rumours of cancelation, I've only seen this episode referred to as mid-season finale. Fingers crossed because as cringeworthy as this show is, I don't want to lose the source of ridiculous fun it gives me.

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1. The Knave has been a bit off his game lately, but little by little the funny scenes featuring him are coming back.

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2. The Bowie-esque guys cracked me up even more this time. (Yes, it took me ages to remember they were the local version of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.)

(c) storybrookeclocktower
I can't really tell them apart as it turns out. XD

3. The Alice/Cyrus flashback was predictably yawn-worthy, but I'm glad Cyrus never tried to pull off the "Imma leave ya so I could protect ya" crap. His remark about having been alone for too long once again made their relationship seem slightly unhealthy and co-dependent, though I'm sure it wasn't intended to. Speaking of Alice, she had her terrible moments: for example when she claimed to have been friends with the Rabbit for years. Friends don't put their friends in a bag, sweetheart, and use them as proof of not being insane.

4. I have to say I surprisingly enjoyed the interaction between Ana and Cyrus. Ana's motivations disappointed me, though there is one thing I like about this whole situation (and of course nobody cared to mention that thing): you can't fix relationships via magic! If they explored it, it'd be pretty cool. Ana's reason for working with Jafar was to somehow turn back time (?) in order to have never left Will. But it never occurred to her, it seems, that she could have just... talked to Will? Perhaps she thinks she's done damage beyond repair, but honestly, how unhealthy is turning to magic for solution to a pretty mundane problem!? She ditched him; it's up to her to set things right, not to some genie!

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I don't particularly like it that Ana appears ready to give up her life for Will. I've seen people claiming to see parallels between Ana and Rumpelstiltskin. On the one hand, it's true: they both gained great power but lost something precious. On the other hand, Rumple did (and still does) all he can to get everything at once: he didn't become the Dark One at Bae's expense. He failed to keep Bae and he'd been looking for a way to regain him for 2 seasons, but he never talked about giving up his power. For Ana, it was an exchange: she gave up her love for power, so no wonder she doesn't feel happy. Still, I'm upset that she wants to erase her mistakes instead of facing and fixing them.
Emma Rigby's acting was once again a bit grating, but not as much as it would have been in the first eps, I suppose.

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I liked her holding Will; it was somehow more genuine than her earlier hysteria. On the one hand, she is very much afraid, so I can relate to her screaming (and even losing some of that horrific accent), but on the other hand, her acting fundamentally lacks subtlety. All her emotions are very in your face. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but... Then again, Alice has been annoying me even more lately. Her acting skills have boiled down to two modes: "Where is Cyyyyrus?" and "CYRUS!!!"

5. Speaking of Cyrus: it wasn't a mistake in the previous paragraph. I did mean I enjoyed his interacting with the Red Queen. XD And I like it that he's sort of willing to give her a chance despite alos having been wronged by her. Pretty sure it's just a way out for the writers because someone in there had to be on her side and neither Alice nor Will qualified after all they'd been through because of her, so Cyrus is the token good guy this time. But the "trust" scene was still nice.

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Cyrus's childish glee re: "the secret wish" was funny too.

6. I do like the fact that Alice's first wish backfired. Btw I'm not an expert but when lightning strikes, doesn't it stop one's heart and that's why one dies? Because Will doesn't have a heart, so why is he dying? Also, the Bowie-dude's severed head made me remember the Hatter who'd also lost his head in Wonderland and survived. Why was Will's beheading such a big deal then? O_o
That said, I find Will's wish and its consequences absolutely fucking ridiculous!

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Apparently Cyrus has some faulty Google Translate programme in his head, because I always thought that "end one's suffering" meant mercy killing. XDDD Pretty sure it's not what the writers were going for, but it sounded like that! Not to mention that it's a freaking big wish because you never know what else she may have been suffering from. She certainly got a gift with purchase in the form of a shackle-free Cyrus. Too bad the outcome kinda sucked for Will himself.

(c) uprysing
One thing I don't understand: why did the bottle end up in some CGI body of water all of a sudden? O_o
For a moment there I thought it'd be cool if Alice did die because hopefully the next few episodes would just be about hysterical Ana chasing Will and hysterical mopey Cyrus trying to comfort her because he's suddenly decided they are best mates. XD He'd be like her sassy gay friend (except not gay unfortunately and not very sassy... okay, he'd be her emo straight friend!) and he'd give her tips on how to get Will back because bitch, he knows all about true love! Alas, that didn't happen, and now I wonder if they're going to team up and look for Will's bottle or Alice and Cyrus would just ditch him because, let's face it, they don't give a fuck about anyone but each other. True love, mothafucka. XD

7. On another note, Jafar being hysterical was hilarious and the Rabbit's family was kinda cute (and geezus fuck, how did they get Whoopi Goldberg as the voice of Mrs Rabbit???)

If this show does get canceled, I'm going to miss it in all its ridiculous glory. If not, we have until March to come up with a dozen scenarios of what's going to happen in 1x09 and I'm sure they will all be better than the actual ep. XD

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