Check check...1..2..3

Oct 22, 2014 20:04

It's been so long since I posted that LJ didn't even give me one of those annoying "would you like to use your last draft" thingies. But I'm here now. Hi. School is hell, but in a kind of great way? Like, I really enjoy the new things I'm learning and also the things I'm being pushed to do, but also it is a LOT OF WORK. And I got back home at 11:45pm on Tuesday. So. Mixed emotions.

I keep trying to draw and get into new tv shows, but I keep losing the thread of everything because school gets in the way. I started Outlander, which was fascinating and fun and really, really pretty but I still haven't watched 108. But I'll get there. Before 2015. miss_porcupine got me into that one and is now trying to get me into Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which also looks very cool (interesting women! female protagonist! Period clothing!) and that's on my list too. Someday, I will watch everything.

I did randomly watch a few episodes of How to Get Away with Murder though, and non-spoilery thoughts: The acting is freaking amazing, Viola Davis is amazing, the characters are waaaay more shades of gray than I usually enjoy in my media consumption but I'm still totally into them, and it's very exciting. So far, 3 episodes watched. We'll see how much further we get there...


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