Catching up on entertainment

Jan 15, 2014 13:10

Happy New Year everyone! I spent three weeks in India, and as always was both kind of sad to leave and happy to get back to my own place too. I wish India was a little bit closer to America, maybe just a 5 hour plane ride instead of a 19 hour one...

In TV news, the on-flight entertainment had the first three episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so I watched all three. I liked them, am mostly indifferent about Andy Samberg, but Melissa Fumero is really freaking adorable, and I like Andre Braugher's character a lot. I think this might be a watch-if-I-can show, unless it gets even better faster. What do you guys think? Also watched Pacific Rim and enjoyed it, though unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) do not feel fannish about it at all. But it was enjoyable.

Teen Wolf is making me happy because all the characters I really love are getting cool things to do and Scott and Stiles and Allison are just ♥ and the Scott/Stiles stuff is awesome so far. Some hiccups as always, but really, it's an hour well spent for me.

Am going through Martha Wells' Ile-Rien trilogy right now. I just realized I didn't read the first two books, but am mostly done with Wizard Hunters, and there have been no missing info issues so I'll just catch up with them later. I love Tremaine ♥ Also Florian and Ilias, but really, Tremaine ♥♥


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