Art: SPN, On the job, G

Aug 05, 2013 21:06

A very very belated happy birthday to deirdre_c!
You asked for Sam's books, Dean's amulet and the Impala, so here you go!

Title: On the job
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Characters: Sam and Dean

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fanart, spn, sam, dean

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tsuki_no_bara August 9 2013, 02:18:30 UTC
awww, they look so young! even the car looks younger! i love the blue sky and the green grass and how bright and cheerful the pic is.


ileliberte August 11 2013, 22:14:17 UTC
Thank you so much! I have so much nostalgia for young Dean and Sam and all their monster of the week road trip adventures, this was just attempting to catch a bit of it :)


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