In which I gush over The Heat

Jul 07, 2013 20:14

Dear LJ,
You should go watch The Heat and help it make scads more money. Because I said so. Ok, no, because it's hilarious and awesome and I sat through the movie in a theatre that was trying really hard to emulate the name of the movie and I still did not walk out because it was so good.

Also, because it has two kickass lead characters who aren't just a female version of every generic buddy cop movie with guys in it but are female leads who are cops with the female part of it just important enough to be notable, but not so much that it's an Issue.

Also also, apart from one minor running joke and a couple of scenes that were just meh to nope, the writing was really, really fun and the acting was fabulous. I want Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock to just make tons more movies together now because they had chemistry up the wazoo. They can play anything, buddies, sisters, life partners, I'd go watch.

Also also also, the ending is great.
Yours truly,

the heat, blather

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