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Mar 17, 2011 16:19

These were pieces done for the Anything but Fic meme over at kurt_blaine a couple of weeks back, that I never ended up posting here:

Rating: G
Includes: i) Schmoop ii) cracky kind-of-horror iii) girl!Kurt/girl!Blaine and iv) playing dress-up

Prompt: One of the boys is exhausted. The other is a human pillow. by harmoner

Prompt: Little shop of horrors by threepwillow
I'M SORRY. Weirdness abounds, but honestly, it's true to the prompt!

Prompt: Girl!Kurt/girl!Blaine by merkintosh

Prompt: Kurt and Blaine as dandies by cher_arlequin

Coming up next on this lj: The Stargate Atlantis team is lost in the Amazon rainforest! Or, well, something that looks like a rainforest. Kind of. Mostly, they're not happy. Possibly tomorrow :)

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