Trekreversebang, music and WsIP

Feb 02, 2011 17:55


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trekreversebang, music

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jlh February 3 2011, 02:33:47 UTC
Are the Glee and SGA separate or some kind of crossover? I was looking at art for H5-0 earlier and they were waxing on about how H5-0 and SGA were similar.


ileliberte February 3 2011, 03:21:05 UTC
They're separate :D I'm just not imaginative enough to figure out a Glee/sci-fi setting that wouldn't come across as awkward.

Haha, yeah, I can see how H5O and SGA could be pretty similar team-structure and broad personality strokes-wise. But as delicious looking as Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are, I just wasn't interested in Steve or Steve/Danny so never got into the fandom.


heeythatsmybike February 3 2011, 04:50:14 UTC
Hahaha those posters! I love how Toy Story's has THE BREAKOUT COMEDY OF THE SUMMER just above YOU'RE GOING TO CRY. And I never saw Facebook, but considering how it started off as a ~let's degrade these girls and rate them according to their looks!~ website I was expecting douchey-ness from that guy. :|

And yaaay, more art!


ileliberte February 10 2011, 07:15:20 UTC
Oops, how'd I miss this comment?

Yeah, I loved the Toy Story one. Also, I guess there is merit in the origins story, but given how much I don't care for facebook and how irritating the ads looked and the reviews sounded, I'd say the poster might not be too far off.

:D Now, to just get around to finishing anything on time...


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