Any takers for Trek fic based on art?

May 12, 2010 12:26

trekreversebang started posting today. There's a tiny problem in that one of the authors has quit all communication and we're assuming that there will be no fic from her since her posting date is supposed to be the 14th of May and from what the artist just mentioned, the author hasn't gotten in touch with her in a month. miss_porcupine was wonderful enough to take on the last dropout, anyone else on my flist interested in writing a 6K fic based on really cute Amanda Grayson meets Winona Kirk art? Artist prefers gen, but it could be femslash too. You'll have till June 18th to finish it and the art really is cute, I would hate to have it go without a story. Any takers?

ETA: Mission accomplished \o/ But if anyone's still interested in staying in reserve as a pinch-hitter, just in case someone else drops out, please do leave a comment here :)


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