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Nov 16, 2009 13:05

Dear anonymous commenter, erm, what? o_O

Gorgeous artwork and very clever composition by leyna55 in her bigbang artwork, I love the lightning. Also, the OFCs in the second picture look wonderful: Links to her lj post where she links to both the images on the SGA bigbang site

Random TV stuff:
White Collar is very charming, though, procedurally speaking, the pilot episode was way more clever than the next few have been, but the characters are darling. Also, hello OT3ness!

Three Rivers has way more money than common sense. The camera work is extremely annoying, it's kind of like an undergrad showing off what he's learned in his first class "look Ma, dramatic zooms!" Some of the banter is ok, but the dialogue at times is unbelievably trite. Oh Daniel Henney, I don't think even your incredible hotness is enough to keep on with this tripe :(

Next week's Mentalist looks like it's going to be awesome.

rec, blather

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