I'm baaack!

Nov 11, 2009 14:35

After partying with wild abandon over two continents (translation: attending a traditional wedding in India, visiting relatives, and walking around in London like a good little tourist), I am back to wreak more havoc in America (translation: sit at my computer and draw). Did you miss me ( Read more... )


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jeyla4ever November 11 2009, 23:28:54 UTC
Welcome back.

Wow, you've had some interesting things to share. Love that Ganesh done in Lentil.

Well, I"m not much for other fandoms but since you asked, there's this in Beya....


I'd love it if you participated. :)

Have fun catching up!


ileliberte November 13 2009, 20:20:35 UTC
Thank you! I'm kind of up to my neck in challenges at the moment I'm afraid, or this would have been fun :) Just discovered that the bigbang submission I thought I had till the 28th to complete is actually due on the 17th, so...:(


jeyla4ever November 13 2009, 20:51:23 UTC
Oh, that's too bad, I was almost 99.999% sure that I would get you to give me a pressie. Not that I woud rig the choices...Gosh, no!!! Never! Cause I was going to ask for maybe one of those gorgeous John and Teyla drawing that you do with some Holiday theme oh, I don't know....anything!! ;)

We'll be having more things coming up and hopefully you'll get the chance then.

Good luck with the Bigbang submission. I'm sure you'll WOW once again!


chkc November 11 2009, 23:33:47 UTC
Welcome back! It's great to hear that you had been partying a lot of fun. :) The Ganesh looks awesome! I like the many different colours/sizes of the lentils. :)


ileliberte November 13 2009, 20:21:34 UTC
Thank you :D For things with flat enough surfaces, those little buggers are surprisingly hard to keep stuck properly! But glad you liked it, spent sooo long on it.


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