The Sky was meant for Birds.

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Art Prompt Title: Betrothed
Art link: Art Masterlist
Prompt Number: 1016
Artist: artmetica
Fic Title: The Sky was meant for Birds
Author: hippivickyx
Fandom/Genre: SPN/ Fantasy, Action.
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, slight Gabriel/Sam
Rating: PG-14
Word Count: 8,000
Warnings: Gore, torture.
Summary: The King of Winchester Kingdom, Dean, and his angel Adviser Castiel, are trapped in their own war as they fight against Hell’s demons in another.
I want to thank artmetica for her wonderful prompt, even though I chose a COMPLETELY different path. Woops! I like the way it turned out. I also want to sort of apologies. It was originally about 20k of EPICNESS!!! but I cut it down due to the worry of it not making any sense. I might upload the extended version later. But this is more cheerful and well structured (which is saying a lot.) Thank you Spn Reverse Bang for letting me do it this year. My first, and probably last year.
WARNING BEFORE READING: I had one beta'r irl do this for me but she was more grammatically than anything. I am having another beta'r look over it and shall have an updated fic VERY soon. sorry if it is choppy at the moment.

Enjoy. And don't forget to check out her awesome artwork, and comment!

For years, the Winchester Kingdom stood as the most powerful kingdom. But it wasn’t always like this.
The original four kingdoms; Heaven, Hell, Earth and Purgatory, learned to live in harmony despise their differences.
One day Heaven and Earth joined families as Prince Michael of Heaven married Princess Mary of Earth. Hell was furious and as they forcefully pulled Purgatory into their declared war. It lasted a short five years but the after math lasted centuries. The two kingdoms, Winchester Kingdom and the Devils Gates, kept to themselves.
The new King, Dean Winchester, long distant relative of Princess Mary and his magical brother Sam Winchester tried their best to rule the new land. Until the Devil’s Gates kingdoms king was overthrown by his own general and they began a war for no purpose. The tension was long overdue, and six months in, King Winchester feared the worst, even with angel technology.
"Sire, two more are hindering our escape to the left." yelled Ash from radar control.
"Where are my wing fighters?"
"Sent, slowly deployed due to malfunction." Ariel, the angel on communication.
"Damn it."
Their ship rumbled as their shield was bombarded by dark magic.
"Holding strong sire." Ash said snarky.
"Dean!" Castiel yelled from behind, he was holding onto a bar near the control panel, his wings shifting to stay balanced.
"I know.” He hissed. “Tell our wings to fly up out of view till my command." over all the yelling everyone seemed to listen calmly and Ariel yelled coded commands over the intercom. It went extremely quiet after that besides the few explosions on the shield.
"Dean." Castiel whispered.
"Now, Ariel." Dean said in the same tone.

The battle was done, a success for the Winchester Kingdom. Damage was done, lives lost, but that is how war went. It has been six months since King Crowley was reported killed and his commander Azazel took over, instantly attacking villages on the edge of Winchester’s Kingdom.
"Damn it! What is wrong with this damn box!" Dean kicked the wall near the panel to the launch pad. He was covered in grease that glowed strangely. He grabbed at unknown wires and pulled at strange buttons. He learned how to work on angel technology as a child, but it bothered him that he's fixed it four times yet it continues to malfunction.
"I don't think cursing and kicking it will fix it." Castiel said, standing a distance away, not to get his white civilian uniform dirty.
"Yeah, well, it makes me feel better."
"Here! I'm here." yelled Sam, who fumbled down the hall. His enormous size still scares Castiel to back against the closest wall ever since Sam fell on his bad wing a few years back. "Dean! What did you do?"
"I was trying to fix it."
"Pretty sure you made it worst." he began working on it and Dean marched away, trying to wipe off the glowing grease.
"Four villages were evacuated before attack on the south side this week." Castiel began to update him as they walked through the maze of corridors. The inside of the air ship was made out of faux stone to make it look like a castle, still didn't feel like home. "General Jo will be joining us shortly, for she had a great loss on the main boarder and expects punishment."
"What kind of punishment does she expect? She was already on the front lines." Dean scoffed opening the door to his chamber, Castiel followed in. "We also recovered your ship from the rebel. The structure stands but I believe it won't run." Dean began to shed his green uniform and Castiel gathered his clothes for dinner.
"That's the thing Cas, my air ship isn't made from angel technology. She can be rebuilt from scratch without angel's help." he pulled off his slovenly white shirt and slipped on a new one. "They last longer that way. Of all people, you know that." Dean looked over at the half mechanical wing under Castiel's white suit jacket and as quickly looked away.
"Yes well, our technology is also helpful in this war, you should not speak that way. The Countess is here for dinner, please behave."
"When have I not behaved?" Dean winked and began to button on his green coat.
Dean-12, Castiel-11

Dean Winchester was raised in their family castle which once was Queen Mary's. His younger brother, Sam, was sent away to be taught by angel's. Dean was stranded in the castle, but like any twelve-year old boy, he couldn’t stand still. His father always had an angel look after him. Castiel's father was to help raise Dean as his father traveled the kingdom. Castiel was eleven when they met and was a great deal interested in Dean's life of royalty. He asked a million questions which Dean answered as he worked on some kind of new machine each day. Their friendship blossomed instantly and by the time Castiel turned twelve they both expected each other’s company.
"One day when I'm king, you will be by my side as my adviser."
"Why would I do that?" Castiel asked from where he was perched in the tree, wings moving in a steady motion, throwing cool air onto the young prince. Castiel's father was a few paces away, reading a book through his glasses.
"Because, Father has Robert as his adviser. I want one too. I don't want anyone else to be my adviser." Dean sat up where he laid and looked up at Castiel. "Besides, you're my best friend, who else would I be able to ask." Dean smiled and laid back down.

Two weeks later, the boys were playing, pretending they were fighting a war. Dean began running around as Castiel pretended to be an air ship, gliding above him. They didn't realized where they were till after the both stopped to catch their breaths. They stood at the edge of the forest near the back side of the castle. Castiel's father was nowhere in sight and Castiel instantly clasped onto Dean’s arm.
"We should go back."
"How? We don't know where we are Cas. You should fly up and find the castle, than we can go back." Dean dragged them to the closest, tallest, tree. "Go on. Up you go." he pushed Castiel gently to motivate him enough. Castiel pushed off and landed quickly on the top of the tree. The castle was not far, just behind them a bit. He began to climb down the tree, leaping from branch to branch, when he heard a voice that was not Dean's.
"Green means royalty."
A man with a slippery voice stated.
"Green means it's my favorite color. I'm no royalty. Leave me alone."
"Or what? No one is out here. A small human boy. Humans are so much easier to manipulate then demons. Why don't you come with me?"
"Let me rephrase, you're coming with me little duke." Castiel watched as the dark figure grabbed onto Dean and he yelled. Without hesitation, Castiel leaped down and kicked the figure in the head. Luckily his angel strength had grown enough to knock the guy over. The man turned and his eyes were swallowed by darkness.
"A demon!" Castiel extended his wings in front of Dean in a defensive stance.
"A child angel? Never seen one with my own eyes. I've got two gems for my treasure." he goes to grab Castiel, but Castiel swats him with his wing. Again and again, he tries to grab either of the boys and a dark wing swats at him, leaving scratches on the demons arms.
"Stop!" Castiel goes to hit him again but the demon grabs the wing and yanks it hard. Castiel screams in agony as the Demon stands on the wing and begins to tear feathers out of it. Castiel thrashes against the weight and screams, trying to grab the Demon from where he laid. After tearing blood soaked feathers off, he pulled out a small knife from his boot and sticks it in Castiel's wing joint, slowly dragging it through its fragile muscle. The screaming subsided into quiet sobs and gasp for air. Dean watched in horror, frozen in a crouch, watching his friend die. Something clicked in his head when he realized what happened and the last thing he remembered was standing up before the world went black.
His consciousness returned, he crouched on the floor of the castles court yard, Castiel's bloody body limped in his hands, Dean screamed for help. Soldiers came running to his aide and his father was there picking Castiel up.
"Your part of our kingdom has been unharmed; I want to know what makes your palace so untouchable by demons?" Dean stayed calm as the Countess stared at him from across the table.
"I do not have what they want." she ignores eye contact from him, sipping on her wine.
"Bella, did you make a deal with a demon? I need to know."
"It's illegal to make deals with demons." Castiel stated from where he stood behind Dean's dining chair.
"I am protected by her highness Queen Mary." Bella looked up at Dean trailing as her eyes scanned Castiel. "As you are protected by your, pet."
Dean slammed his hands on the table as the chair flew back, Castiel moving out of the way, losing his balance and falling to the ground.
"Well maybe not as protected as I am." Bella snickered. Dean quickly helped Castiel up, keeping a stern face. His anger boiled in his veins as he looked back to the countess.
"I don't-" a hand rested on his shoulder. Castiel just gave a small nod and Dean let out a loud sigh. "It was nice seeing you Countess." he followed Castiel out of the room.
In the hall Dean stopped him and pushed his coat up to look at the mechanical wing.
"It's fine." Castiel pushed him away.
"Your balance has been off lately. You should practice-"
"Every angel I know flies at least once a day, except you. You haven't flown since, It's not normal Cas."
"It's fine. I have no purpose to fly." Deans face molded into sadness.
"You shouldn't have to have a purpose to fly, it's your nature. Angels fly, that's what they do."
"Most angels have full wings, Dean" before Dean could continue the ship rumbled and tipped slightly.
"Captain to the main deck." Arial said over the intercom.
"We are not done."
He ran down the corridor as Castiel crowded the wall until he reached the main hall which had a railing all the way to the front.
"What's going on?" the ship was still tipping.
"Our main wings on our left blew up. We don't see anything on radar."
"Someone on the ship then?" Dean turned as Castiel entered the room, grabbing onto the railing by the controls.
"The countess." he said.
"Ariel, the countess pod is not to leave."
"Rodger." he followed directions and shortly after the countess sprung into the room.
"What is the meaning of this?"
She looked terrified yet mad.
"No one can leave the ship, we have our angel's fixing the busted wings now." Dean holds onto his panel, the ship was at a sharp tilting angle now.
"You're falling out of the sky. You should be evacuating!" she yelled, holding onto the closest panel. Dean turned to Castiel, who looked incredibly nervous. He gave a short nod.
"Ariel, start evacuation the lower ranks and civilians. Countess, please take a seat. As royalty, we are required to wait till our people are safe." she rushed off anyways, and Castiel grabbed onto chairs and stations until he was next to Dean.
"That is false, you need to get off now. All is lost if you die."
"I'm fine Castiel, we have the best of the best working on the ship."
"But Dean, if I am guessing correctly, they will blow our other wings any minute now. Come on." Castiel actually grabbed into Deans collar and dragged him. They both stumbled down the tilting halls, Castiel's wings fluttering as he tried to keep his balance. A second explosion happened and they tumbled onto the floor together. Castiel hollered as Dean landed on his mechanical wing.
"Cas!" he tried to get up but still hit one of the main parts of the wing. Dean began examining the wing, trying to fix it quickly.
"Leave it, leave me."
"No!" he scrambles to reattach the small bolts and began to readjust the balancing mechanism. They both slid as the ship tipped more onto its side. Castiel tried to push Dean off of him but he ended up straddling Castiel to pin him into place.
"Ok, done, let's go." he climbed up and grabbed onto the bar reaching down to help Castiel up.
They both struggles to get to Castiel's air ship, they climbed in and Castiel quickly readjusted to take off. It wasn't made for two people.
After takeoff, black darts began filling the air, shooting down deployed air pods. Castiel tried to dodged them but they were hit, the back hanger swung open and Dean went tumbling out.
Dean knew he was about to die, too much air in his lungs blurred his vision, but he saw a wing, Dark blue, almost like the night sky and gold that shines in the sunlight. Something slammed into him and his vision was completely gone, he could only hear rushing wind over his clothes as he fell and the smell of flowers. He closed his eyes tight and pretended to be home. Then the loud air became soft, he was lifted up instead of down. The sound of a wing flapping and a mechanical engine working.
"Remember that whole needing a purpose to fly?" Castiel said, voice directly in his ear.
Dean-13, Castiel-12

Dean watched as his father refused any help. He poured water onto what was left of Castiel's wing. Dean stood as close to the table as his father would allow.
"Dean I need you to run to Roberts shop and grab Balthazar. Tell him it's time to break out his mechanics." Dean nodded and raced through the castle.
Once he found the angel he just grabbed his hand and dragged him.
"Woah, your highness, where are you taking me?"
"You need to save my best friend, he's dying." Dean voice didn't shake but his body was. Dean watched as they operated on a non exciting wing, slowly recreating one with metal and bolts. He watched closely, studying his father, learning from Balthazar how to do this, so if Castiel ever needed him, he was there to fix his wing.
After his father finished and Balthazar laid Castiel in Dean’s bed, he didn't leave his side. Dean felt weak, he couldn't stop the demon from hurting his one and only friend. He promised himself he would never allow anything bad to happen to Castiel again.
Dean woke up in a pile of hay. Sounds of horses startled him awake. His head hurt and he fell back into the hay dizzy.
"Dean, are you ok?" Castiel's voice came from above. He saw the angel perched on a beam of what must be a barn.
"Just like old times, perching like a bird." Dean closed his eyes and rested his hand on his face. His ship was gone, hundreds killed, he was betrayed by his own royalty, and his heart wouldn't slow down.
"Calm down Dean, don't think so much. You're going to give yourself a heart attack." Castiel was now closer, in the hay with him.
"We almost died Castiel. We should have died."
"We didn't die. We are here, now. Safe in a small village by your castle." Castiel was now hovering over Dean. He didn't look but he could feel hot breaths over his face.
"Cas-?" his question was cut short by soft lips. His already dizzy head span faster. He froze and didn't move as he watched Castiel lift his head.
"Dean?" he cocked his head. He went in for another kiss. Dean turned away and crossed his arms.
"I'm tired Cas. Let me rest." Dean didn't know how to react, so he closed his eyes and felt his lips tingle in anticipation for more.
Dean-19, Castiel-18

Dean and Castiel stood together outside the doors of the main hall.
"I don't want to be king."
"It is too late Dean, your father is dead and you're of age." Castiel shook his good wing behind Dean for comfort. He watched Dean give him a disagreeable mask.
"I'm only nineteen, that is no way close to being of age to rule a whole kingdom." Dean began to walk backwards, away from the door into Castiel's wing.
"You'll be fine, you have me as your adviser, remember?" Dean’s eyes shot to Castiel's face with shock. He looked over at the mechanical wing and back to Castiel's stern face.
"Ok." He took a deep breath and pushed into the crowded hall.

As a king, Dean was serious. He followed his courts advice, unless Castiel had a bad feeling about it. Everyone ended up loving the new king and his angel adviser more than his father.
On Castiel's nineteenth birthday, they both sat on the highest ledge of the Winchester castle. The moon was out and they could count the stars.
"Happy birthday. What did you want this year? A charm for your charm bracelet?" Dean sounded sarcastic, giving himself an elbow from Castiel.
"I would really like if you could fix this wing, it's getting hard to move."
"Better yet, I'll get you a brand new one. I've been working with Balthazar on one. Maybe you can start flying again." Dean smiled.
"I guess." they both smiled for a time before returning to counting the stars.
"Yeah Cas?"
"I think I'm in love with you." Dean clenched his fists. He didn't know how to react. He knew Castiel began forming these feelings for a while, but he hoped they would go away, maybe they still can. Today was his birthday, so he bit his tongue hard, reached over, slid his hand into Castiel's and gave a light squeeze. The silence was an answer enough for the angel. They stayed there until the sun rose over the purple mountains.
They arrived to the castle the next day with open arms. Everyone thought them to be dead. Sam was the first to run over and grab his brother sobbing. Castiel kept his distance from his king as he became bombarded with questions and news of the war. He went off to his quarters he shared with his brother.
Gabriel was at the small table tapping his fingers against the wood.
"Brother." Castiel said quietly but Gabriel turned sharply and rushed over to his brother.
"You're alive. No thanks to that shit head."
"Gabriel." He knew Gabriel blamed Dean for his wing, but the truth is he blamed himself for not being there to protect him.
"Your wing is making a strange sound." he pointed to the mechanical wing.
"Yes, it needs repair. I flew yesterday for the first time in a long time."
Instead of commenting on it, Gabriel had wide eyes and hugged Castiel. When they pulled apart, one of the maids of the castle was knocking on the door.
"Excuse me sire, but his highness wants to see you." she said in a small voice.
"Dean's so demanding." Castiel tries to joke.
"No sire, the other Winchester."
"Sam?" Castiel was surprised.
"Oh this is going to be good." Gabriel rolled his eyes. Gabriel might hate Dean but he loved that giant of a man, he would never admit it.
"May you come with brother?" Castiel asked. He was worried of what the young heir needs with him. Sam never asks for him, only Dean. Sam and he have never had anything to talk about. Hopefully Gabriel's presents will distract him.

As they entered the grand library of the castle, he spotted the young heir sitting in the large book case high up. He looked to see them enter and began to climb down the latter.
"Ah, Castiel," he smiled but frowned at Gabriel. "and you brought your brother I see."
"Oh, come on, you miss this face. It's been months!"
"I saw you yesterday when you came to me crying." Sam didn't sound amused.
"Yeah, well you were crying too."
"I would like to speak with Castiel alone-" he paused for a brief moment. "Why is your wing making a strange noise?"
"It needs repair." Castiel watched his brother leave and he sat down in the closest chair, pulling his mechanical wing in front of him, hitting it with the palm of his hand, trying to silence it. It cranked but did not seize the buzzing.
"What did you want to see me for highness?"
"It's about Dean. He has been acting, not different, but when I brought you up, he seemed- I don't know- stressed. Can you tell me why that would be?"
"I hope he told you what happened as the ship was falling?" Castiel's heart beat quickly in fear.
"All he told me was you escaped barely and that you were alive and that's all that counts. You know Dean as good as I do, you know how he acts. Can you tell me what happened?" Just as Castiel feared, Dean is shutting people out. He took a deep breath and gave a small nod. He explained the quick repair to his wing as the ship was falling, and how he had to dive out of a moving escape ship to fly for the first time in years. He risked both their lives but they landed rough in a barn and survived. Castiel took a long pause before admitting he thought Dean was dead and when he woke he was so over joyed, he kissed him. Ever since then, Dean has been giving him a cold shoulder.
"That explains it. He closes down with any bit of emotion. Remember he ignored everyone for a week after your birthday? I think he just couldn't take father’s death so close to something like your birthday." and Castiel knew Dean never told his brother about his confession. He ended up pretending it never happened so Dean would go back to normal. Took one long horrible month without Dean. They were no longer children, he hoped Dean under stood that.
"I am sorry Sam. He will probably recover from this faster without me around." he stood up and began his exit.
"I will be with Balthazar for repairs then in my quarters until our next launch." he refused to look at Sam all the way to the old warehouse where Balthazar was.
Castiel-19, Dean-19

Castiel locked himself in his room after his new wing was attached. The pain when they attached the new wing was excruciating. Dean was not there nor his father or brother. He laid on his stomach, pillow soaked with his tears. His brother knocked on the door but Castiel ignores him. He was lonely. Ever since he confessed to Dean on his birthday, Dean has ignored him. He decided to give him space but it has been a month and Castiel needed someone.
The next day he went outside to stretch his new wing. It was a dark bronze color, each metal feather had a curl pattern on them. He began to test the wings strength and found it twice as strong as his child wing. He flapped both wings and rose a few feet above the ground. He was able to hover for a time before a sharp pain surges through the remaining muscle in his metal wing. He landed hard, falling to his knees.
"They said it will be hard for your remaining muscles and nerves to get used to the mechanics of the new wing." Castiel turned shapely to find Dean leaning against a pillar. He was wearing his father’s old green uniform, adjusted to fit Dean’s petit body. Castiel became speechless; he wasn't sure what to say. He hasn't seen Dean for a month. He drastically matured into his position as King. He went to say something but shut his mouth.
"I know, I look ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as your civilian suit is. I made adjustments to it in order for it to fit your wings under it." Dean approached him, holding out his hand to help Castiel to stand. He examined the bronze wing, touching where metal met skin.
"Does it hurt much?" Dean’s eyes fixated on one of the metal feathers.
"Not as much as before."
Castiel knew he wasn't talking about his wing muscles.
"Well that's good. I would like you to accompany me to celebrate my new ship. Banquet and all. The first of many air ships powered by Angels." Dean smiled but still refused eye contact. "Wear your adviser uniform." he walked away, back towards the castle.
When Castiel returned to his room, he found the white suit on his bed. It was trimmed in gold, usually found on a Dukes uniform. Resting on the top of the uniform was a pin of gold wings, a blue sapphire sat inside it. The pin was usually all gold with a white stone representing an angel in arms. This pin was more bronze and the blue was identical to his eye color. Dean made this from his hand, and Castiel was the only one who would ever know that.
Dean tapped his fingers on the dining room table, watching his brother and Gabriel flirt aimlessly. It was pissing him off. Not to be selfish but Dean just got back that day from almost dying. He tapped louder on the table till servants delivered his dinner.
"So Dean-o, what's the plan? Get back out there?" Gabriel asked before he could take his first bit, great now they pay attention.
"I am planning to wait for Jo's arrival, and go from there."
"So you're winging it?" Sam asked eyeing his brother with that worried look.
"I said nothing about wings." he spouted.
"That's not what I meant. What's wrong? You're very defensive." Sam began eating.
"Where is Cas? It's dinner time, is it not? He is always here for dinner time." Dean finally started eating, pretending the meat was a demon, stabbing it before shoveling it into his mouth. He saw the angel and his brother turn to look at each other.
"Uh, he's resting. He had to go get his wing repaired by Balthazar this evening. It was making a strange sound." Dean watched Gabriel as Sam said this. If Sam was saying the truth, the angel would turn to him and smile. Gabriel did, but there was something else.
"What else?" the room stayed quiet. "Sam!"
"Sire!" a guard came running in, flustered, Bowing slightly. "A demon just walked in, surrendered and wishes to speak with you." Deans mind did a one eighty and he stood from the table.
"Dean, what If it's a trap?" Sam said. He looked around for his adviser, but no sight of him. He made his decision.
"I will see the demon." and he followed the guard out.

Castiel munched on his dinner as he stared at the fire. His wing was repaired and seemed to be painless. His mind was blank with no thoughts. He was glad of it.
"Castiel!" his brother came in out of breath. "Dean thinks it's a bright idea to see a demon who just waltzed into the castle." Castiel stood up and was out the door heading towards the castle. He was wearing his casual wear but he didn't care, he can't believe Dean's common sense isn't working.
The demon was a petit female in male clothes. He watched Dean sit with her in his office through their magic two way mirror.
"So you're telling me Crowley is alive? And in hiding? Why would you tell me this?"
"Because I am done with this war. It's been too long. My father is just annoying us with his plans for our kingdoms future. Our future is filled with fire and sulfur. And not the kind we like." she had her hands cuffed but Castiel knew she could get out of them if she wanted. Sam stood next to him in the hidden room, arms crossed in frustration.
"And what do you want in return?" Dean leaned over the desk. The demon smiled.
"Two things. I want to be accepted in your kingdom." Dean didn't respond. Just have a slight nod. Castiel began to circle the room and then stood next to the door. He held the door handle, thinking and listening.
"Second, I want that angel with the metal wing." she said lustful.
"Why?" Dean immediately said. Castiel squeezed the handle.
"Because. I saw him, he's beautiful. And with a little training, he would be a wonderful protector. In a way my second request is specific protection."
"I cannot grant that request. However, I can get you another angel for protection in an outside village." he was trying to bargain with a demon, a dangerous idea.
"No sire I want the angel with the bronze wing."
"No mistress, you cannot have him." he yelled, his voice echoing in the room and making the demon flinch.
"Well if I can't have him, neither can you." she raised her hand and her eyes went black.
Without hesitation Castiel opened the door, extended his metal wing, and black magic hit his wing, sending the bronze feathers into millions of pieces. He swallowed a scream as he fell to his side. He watched as Dean leaped over his desk and stabbed the demon through her with his father’s sword. He left the weapon in the dying demon as he slid by Castiel, picking him up, scanning the damaged wing.
"It didn't hit your actual body. Just the metal. You're fine. You're ok." he kept repeating terms of endearment, trying to gather up pieces of metal. It wasn't his body that was hit but it hurt like it was. Castiel watched as Sam rushed in, laying a hand on the demons forehead. She was gasping for air before she slumped over.
"Got it. She was telling the truth. I got the location of the king." he said. Dean was still eyeing Castiel not caring for anything else around him. He shivered in Dean’s arms as he felt him turn off the connection to the wing and his muscles. The extra heavy weight dragged Castiel down more. He watched as Dean concentrated on removing the metal wing completely. Pulling at bolts, undoing leather straps.
He must have finished because he was picking Castiel up from the spot he laid in his lap.
He almost fell over from the uneven feeling of weight.
"Let’s get you to Balthazar." he whispered into his ear. He closed his eyes and relished this. His body was numb, most likely from the strange feeling of emptiness.

Time must have passed because he woke up on his stomach in Dean’s bed. It reminded him of the first time he woke after their encounter with the demon in the woods. Dean was on the edge of the bed sleeping. He kept a hand on Castiel's back, almost too scared to let him go.
He turned his head and saw a new metal wing attached to his muscles. It was no longer a bronze wing. There was metal yes, but there was long beautiful dark feathers attached to it. They were a shade darker then his other wing and shined gold. He has never seen such a type of feather.
"It's synthetic. Hard to find the right shade of blue." Balthazar, who was leaning on the wall, stared at the wing. "Dean said it was exactly your color. Us angels can't see the color of our wings. Luckily, he can." he was whispering. Castiel turned his head back to Dean who was sound asleep, half on his chair and half on the bed. He turned back to his new wing, stretching it out across the room, admiring the lightness of it. He felt no pain unlike his metal wings in the past. The remaining part of his wing was wrapped in a hard gold metal, engraved with the Winchester's seal. He lifted the wing a few times and watched as Balthazar scanned the movements.
"You need to wake him soon. It's been long enough.” Balthazar started to leave.
"Wait, how long was I out for?" Castiel tried to keep his voice down.
"Over a week, almost two." he left quietly.
Turning back to the somber Dean, Castiel wished he didn't have to wake him. He looked so peaceful when he slept. Castiel shifted his body, enough to get Dean to crack his eyes open. Green stared into blue as time passed.
"Thank you Dean." he said quietly. Hoping his king knew what he was thankful for. "You need to wake up and be a king."
Dean buried his face into sheets.
"I don't want to be King. Can't Sam do it?" he mumbled. Castiel let out a slight laugh.
"But then I would be Sam's adviser, not yours."
Unexpectedly, Dean surges forward and kissed Castiel. It shocked Castiel, making him shift his good wing to hit Dean onto the floor.
"Sorry." he yelled out trying to sit up, but felt dizzy and fell of the bed. He could hear Dean laughing on the other side of the bed.
"Ya know Cas? I didn't know what I had until I almost lost it. Took me a few times, but I caught up." he said, shifting to stand up. Castiel began to do the same, his new wing shifting to help him as he has seen Gabriel's wing do. It was strange, it felt lighter them his metal wings. He hasn't felt his wing like this since he was a child. He was examining his new wing again, intensely, that he didn't notice Dean move until he was in his space.
"Let me try this again." he slid his hand around, Castiel's neck and pulled him into a kiss. This time Castiel didn't flinch, he welcomes it. He could have sworn he could hear fireworks explode, but it could have been his imagination.
Six months before.

The Impala crashed and Dean crawled away before it exploded. He hid in the dark bushes as dark magic flew by him. His arm was bleeding immensely. He laid flat down on the ground. He wasn't prepared for this war to start, led alone being on the front lines. His father didn't teach him how to run a kingdom under a war.
"Dean!" came a loud voice through the sound of gun fire.
"Cas?" he crawled out of his bush to find Castiel standing near his destroyed ship, wings spread wide. He rushed over to Dean's side and pulled him to his feet.
"We need to get you to medical aid." he wraps his arms around Dean and pushes off the ground. Dean buries his face into Castiel's dirty white suit as his stomach turns from the pressure of flying. Castiel death grip, loosened as a dark magic got too close, and he dropped Dean. It wasn't a great height, but it was high enough that when Dean hit the ground, he broke something in his leg. He screamed and turned to try to relieve the pain.
It felt like forever before Castiel was back with an air pod instead. He remembered how crushed Castiel looked. And months later Castiel refused to fly, even the talk of flying made his eyes widen and leave the room.

Dean-16, Castiel-15
Dean would skip down the halls on the days he didn't have lessons. It meant a day with Castiel. His father was out of town, so Gabriel was watching over him. Dean raced to the small cabin the angel family share right on the land of the castle. He knocked lightly to find it open with an irritated angel. His wings fluffed in annoyance.
"What do you want, your highness?"
"I came to hang with Castiel. Is he in?" Dean tried to look behind the angel, but the angel shot his wings up, blocking his view.
"He is sick. Leave him alone."
"Sick?" Dean pushed past the angel into the small room where Castiel kept a bed and a desk covered in books he took from the castles library.
Castiel was laying on his stomach huffing painful breaths. His metal wing was detached and laid by the bed. Hi eyes closed tight in agony.
"Cas." he rushes to his friend’s side.
"Dean?" he squinted his eyes tight.
"What's wrong? Do I need to get Anna?"
"I will be fine. It's just influenza."
"I don't know what that is, but it doesn't sound good." he grabbed Castiel's hand and squeezed it tight. His hands were wet and clammy. It frightened Dean more. "Stay here, I'll be right back." he ran out of the cabin and waved a guard over, giving him instruction to go get Anna, the castles medical angel. He quickly raced back into the room.
"Anna's on her way."
"Anna can't do anything." Gabriel said from the chair in the corner of the room. "His wing joint is infected."
"It's been four years, why would it get infected now?"
"He's been keeping it a secret, little devil likes to suffer." Gabriel sounded angry but worry came through his emotions.
"Cas, why didn't you tell us?"
"I didn't-I didn't want to worry you." he struggled to breath.
"All I do is worry about you." he took his friends hand and held on tight.
Anna came in rushed and quickly came to Castiel's side, immediately examining his wing joint.
"What is this?" she pressed two fingers on the joint, causing Castiel so call out in pain. He squeezed Dean’s hand and buried his head in the pillow.
"You have metal in the joint. I need to remove it. Gabriel." she pulls out scary glowing tools, as Gabriel climbs onto Castiel, holding him down.
"Dean, hold his hands down." she went to quick work as Dean slid in front of Castiel, grabbing his hands tight. He stares into Castiel's face, wishing this would all go away. As Anna began her work, Castiel serge forward screaming in a high pitch scream.
"Dean!" Gabriel yelled. Castiel's wing thrashed free from the brothers grip and began hitting Dean. He held his ground, pushing his face into the pillow along side of Castiel's. He pushed his friend’s hands into the mattress and felt the wing continue to hit his head, neck, and back. His feathers felt sharp on his exposed neck, and the bone joints knocked against his skull. He began to cry alongside his angel, the screaming was not human, making his ears ring in pain.
Then all went silent. The wing hitting him, stopped and draped over them. Dean looked up to find Anna cleaning blood off the wing joint and taking out a needle from Castiel's neck.
"He needs to rest. The wound will take some time to heal. I will let Balthazar know about the wing." she washed her hands in a bowl Gabriel brought in.
Dean continued to hold Castiel's immobile hands, and rested his head next to his friends.
"Dean." Anna's voice came in loudly near his ear. "Your ears are bleeding. Castiel used his angel voice." she began patting blood away from his ears.
"Not many angels can do that. True angels are only able to use their voices." Anna spoke quietly.
"Castiel is no true angel. This is his body, no need for a vessel. Nor does he have the other signs of a true angel." Gabriel sounded angry.
"I still think you should try to see. Healing powers, telekinesis, energy pulses-"
"Leave." Gabriel snapped. Dean tries to ignore the angels bicker, rubbing his eyes on the pillow and tries to wrap his hands around Castiel's body.
He knew Gabriel blamed him for Castiel's wing and everything else after. He just wished he could prevent all of Castiel's pain, he wished he could heal this wound. He fell asleep hanging off the end of the bed, holding onto Castiel.

Castiel woke up, pain became a numbing feeling instead. His fever must have broken. He turned his head to find another head next to him. It was Dean, fast asleep, tears stained his cheeks. He searched to remember what happened. Castiel looked over to his left wing, it was bare and no sign of infection. Anna must have done a good job. He looked back and Dean, spotted blossoming bruises on showing skin. He remembered the pain, but nothing else. He slowly sits up, dizziness spinning his vision. Dean's arms reach out and grab him tightly.
When Castiel turned, he found wide green eyes, full of intense worry staring at him.
"Cas." he whispered. He went to say something else when a house maid rushed in.
"Your highness! Your father arrived home and needs to see you immediately. Sam has returned!" she sounded cheerful despite the drying blood on the sheets and floor.
"Yes. I will be right there." he rubbed his eyes and let go of Castiel. He wished Dean would stay with him. He felt no pain but he felt something ache inside.
"Cas, I want to ask you something." Dean tried to wipe off blood from his arms. Where did all the blood come from? "Have you ever been able to read minds, or heal people, or-"
"Why? Why are you asking?" Dean was asking angel questions. He is asked this every check-up he has. He looks at Dean who's is waiting for an answer.
"Your highness?" the house maid came back in.
"Yes, yes." He followed her out, keeping his eye on the angel all the way out.
Castiel constipated Dean’s question. He didn't want to tell anyone, but he trusted Dean with his life. Should he tell him he had been able to heal Dean when he had scrapes or the flu. Or when he knew what Gabriel was going to say before he said it. It scared him, but he ignored it, hoping it would go away. He knew if he said something to the wrong person, he would be taken away from his home. He made the decision to tell no one, and will hold that till the end.
Even if he was a true angel, what true angel has one wing?

Dean-14, Castiel-13
He began collecting blue feathers after the demon attack. He took long walks, with a guard, and would begin to bird watch. Find the nests and collect blue feathers.
One day, after a fight with his father, he took his guards crossbow and ran into the forest alone. He found each nest and shot down the blue birds, stripping it of its beautiful blue feathers until he was in his own nest. He gathered them up and rushed to Castiel's quarters. Castiel was shocked by Dean’s bloody state. His cheeks shined in tears.
"Cas, I brought your feathers back." he opened the small bag to find bloody blue feathers, causing Castiel to cringe and pull the bag away from Dean. His state of mind wasn't right. He pulled Dean into his arms and wrapped his good wing around him. He then heard it. Dean’s thoughts.
It's my fault. All my fault. I'm not worthy of anything. I should leave. I should- Castiel pulled Dean closer wishing he would stop this. A soft glow came from his palms that were resting on Dean. He pulled back abruptly, watching his friend fall to the side in slumber.
He did that.
His heart beat in an uncomfortable rhythm. He closed his eyes tight pretending nothing happened. He moved in close to Dean, wrapping his hands around him, pulling him closer to his chest.
"Thank you Dean, they are beautiful." he whispered in his friend ear, listening to his breathing.
Dean-22, Castiel-21

A party to celebrate the new inductees of their highest rank officers. Jo Harvelle was the only girl and Dean was proud of her. The party got a little out of hand when the king and his advisor drank a bit more than they should have.
"Cas, Castiel, I heard Christian likes you." he sounded like a gossiping Pre teen. They sat in his study, sharing a bottle of rum between them.
"He knows I am taken-" he took a swing, eyed Dean up and down before laughing. "-by my job." they both laugh and Dean stands up from his chair, swaying a bit.
"I suggest you take him up on his offer."
Castiel was generously shocked. He knew that Dean knew how he felt. The toxic haze made his emotion switch.
"Dean, you know how I feel. Why toy with my emotion?"
"I am not t-playing with anything. I'm serous, we aren’t getting any younger."
And god knows we won't happen. Through the haze his mind still worked. Castiel sprouted out of his seat, grabbed Dean’s shirt collar and dragged him into an all teeth and tongue kiss. He pulled away angry pushing Dean back into his chair and walked, more like stumble, back to his room.

The next day Dean approaches him and states that he doesn't remember a thing from last night, apologizing if he did anything stupid. Castiel took the apology, and was glad he forgot.
Dean-25, Castiel-24
Princess Lilith was visiting the castle that evening. She was only thirteen, but Dean was expected to marry her when she turned eighteen. She was human, mostly. She was half demon, which made both Dean and Castiel, wrinkle his nose at the thought.
"That would make our children a quarter Demon."
"Maybe they will be a half demon like all the Angels are today." Castiel pointed out. "Not many half demons out there."
"Why doesn't Sam marry her? They are closer to age,"
"You know, you have a few years to find another to marry." Castiel said, trying to hide an uncontrollable blush.
"Are you suggesting something Cas?" Dean pushed up from his chair and crossed the room where Castiel was sitting behind his desk. "Maybe it would be good to have a back-up plan."
"You are the king, you can choose who you marry." he felt his face flush and he looked down intensely at the papers in front of him.
He could see Dean open his mouth to continue, but Sam came in with the princess.
"Sorry Dean, she insisted."
"That's ok Sam." Dean stood up straighter and put his royalty face on. "Princess."
"Please, call me Lilith. I came to discuss the agreement of not marrying each other."
"What?" almost everyone in the room said.
"Well you see, I have been thinking, why do I have to marry a human? My mother married a demon, so will I. My kingdom needs one instead.
"This marriage was created to join the kingdoms,"
"Yes well, I don't agree. I may be thirteen but I'm wise. I see my future, and it is not with you, your highness." she curtsied and began to leave. "Why don't you marry a nice angel, like your ancestors did." she waved back before leaving with Sam close behind.
"The nerve of her, thinking she can spout out orders like that." Dean said.
"Yes, but where you not seconds away of doing the same exact thing?" Dean looked at Castiel and they laughed.
Castiel couldn’t stop smiling, his new wing fluttered alongside his own in happiness. He walked down the corridor towards the dining hall where Dean was planning to have Crowley brought to, they would discuss the plan to take back Devil’s Gates. Castiel feared and felt joy in the fact that this war is hopefully ending quickly.
Before he could open the doors to the dining hall, a body crowded his space. Green eyes consumed by dark pupils watched him closely.
“I don’t want to be king.” Dean said quietly. Castiel smirked.
“But Dean, If you are no longer king, I am no longer your advisor.” He joked.
“Why not become my husband?” there was a long pause, as Castiel took this thought into mind. He pushed to find if Dean was telling the truth.
Please say yes, Please say yes, or this will all be for nothing. Castiel’s smirk became a large smile.
“Yes.” His wings shook in anticipation as Dean took his breath away with a strong kiss. He then knew what was on the other side of the door. It was not Crowley like he expected, but everyone in the court. Dean planned this, without advice from his advisor.

word count: 6000 - 8000, genre: spn, medium: drawing, pairing: dean/castiel, rating: pg13, challenge: 2012

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