Yuletide! Yuletide! Real all about it!

Dec 25, 2016 19:00

#blessed this Yuletide fo'sho.

This endless life (of sorrow and joy) (1599 words) by anonymous
Fandom: Sagnet om Lysets rike | The Legend of the Realm of Light - Margit Sandemo
Rating: Gen
Warnings: No warnings
Summary: Móri falls asleep in 1746 and wakes up in 1995. Even with the help of good friends it's a lot to get used to, especially when all he wants to do is find his son and go home.

The tags are the best: Fish out of Temporal Water, Marco/Dolg if you squint, The pros and cons of 1995, Family

I fell in love with Móri when I was fourteen. And because Móri is the sort of character he is, while I think I've hardly loved a fictional character as I've loved him (sorry Ron Weasley and Kurt Hummel but it's true), it has always been the quiet sort of love. And my Yuletide gift fic captures Móri so perfectly I could cry. It's based on an alternative prompt but I couldn't be happier about my mystery writer having been inspired by it because they wrote me a perfect gift. Even with lovely nods to the first prompt for that fandom.

This is why I do Yuletide, because it brings me wonderful gems like this fic.

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