How To Post (Teensily)

Apr 24, 2015 08:00

Only a few days left until April 27th! Who's excited?

Here are the posting guidelines (same as in previous rounds) so you can share your fantastic fic and amazing art with the comm:

How to Post (Teensily)

Step 1: Talk to your partner!

It doesn't matter who makes the post to the comm, but one of you must, and when you post to the comm, the links to fic and art must be live. If the mods can't click through to the fic and art, they won't accept the submission. This means that author and artist must both post their works to their personal journals/sites/AO3, etc. before someone submits the comm post to the mods. Coordination is probably required.

Step 2: Use the posting template! Remember to make the art posted to the comm no larger than 400x400.

Fandom: (SPN or SPN RPF)
Word count:
Contents (warnings and kinks both apply):
Summary:Fic summary here

Fic Masterpost: Fic Masterpost
Art Masterpost: Art Masterpost

Step 3: Submit your post!

You may post whenever it's your posting day in some part of the world. Mods will approve posts, so there might be a delay between submission and approval.

If you cannot make your posting date (see the schedule here) or run into trouble on your posting dates, please let the mods know as soon as possible! We can't help you if we don't know there's a problem. If you have any additional questions, PM the mods or email genteensybang [AT] yahoo [DOT] com.

Step 4: Kick back and relax!

Read some teensy fic! View some teensy art! Crosspost your own at will! Feel good about yourself! YOU DID IT.

!posting guidelines, !mod post

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