2015 Writer Check-In!

Feb 14, 2015 14:51

Ruby 2.0 makes this look scarier than it actually is!
How are you guys doing? Check in by answering these painless multiple choice questions!

How finished are you, dude?
1) I AM DONE. **throws down microphone**
2) I am 75-80% finished. It's looking good, bro.
3) I am 50-75% finished. I've still got time!
4) I am 25-50% finished. Whatever. I'll write the whole thing on March 1st.
5) I have ... 200 words? We're still cool, tho, right?
6) I haven't started. What? I'm a diamond. I need pressure.

Do you think you'll be done by March 1st?
2)  Definitely!
3) It's looking good! I'm confident!
4) I'll have to pick up my game, but yeah.
5) ... Possibly? Maybe? Maybe possibly not?
6) Sorry, bro. I'm out.

Optional: Post an awesome snippet from your awesome fic, so we can flail and squee!

Unrelated to checking in but still of great importance: Do you have artsy friends who would enjoy drawing Ruby or Gen? Send them over to our artist sign-ups post!

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