Deadlines and Rules for Teensy Artists (2015 Dates)

Feb 01, 2015 00:10

Here there be artist-y dates and rules! Please note that unlike in previous years, if you signed up to write, you may also sign up as an artist.

Important Deadlines for Teensy Artists
Artist Sign-ups Start: Sunday, February 1st
Artist Sign-ups End: Friday, March 6th.
Artist Claims: Saturday, March 7th. At this point, artists can start signing up as pinch-hitters.
**Deadline for Writers to Send a Complete Draft to their Artists: Saturday, March 14th**
Artist Check-in: Saturday, March 28th
Artist Drafts Due: Saturday, April 11th
Posting Begins: Monday, April 27th

Rules for Teensy Artists
1. You must complete at least one piece of art for your author. You may create more, but it's not required.
2. You will get an opportunity to claim one fic, based on its summary. If stories go unclaimed past the 24-hour claiming window, you will be able to claim a second fic. Once all the stories are claimed, you can sign up as a pinch hitter. There will be more details about claiming prior to that date.
3. Digital and traditional art, manips, and vids are acceptable forms of art.
4. If you make a cover for a soundtrack/mix, it will not count as your one piece.
5. Your art cannot feature any real life underage persons, including Gen's sons.
6. Your art can't depict minors in sexual situations. Know the laws of your particular region. Please do not post anything that could jeopardize this comm or its participants.
7. The art you post to this comm must be SFW (although you can make explicit art and post it on your own journal; just double-check with your author to make sure they're okay with explicit art).
8. The art you post to this comm must be 400x400 or smaller.
9. The art masterpost on your journal can't be flocked.
10. You must stay in contact with your author. If your author tries but cannot reach you for more than a week (and you haven't given them a head's up about that trip to an Internet-less place), we will assume that you've dropped out.
11. Your BFF cannot post your masterpost to this comm. It has to be you or your author.
12. You are free to crosspost your art after it's been posted to this comm.
13. You must meet all deadlines.

If you have any additional questions not answered by the FAQ, comment here or ping the mods at

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