Deadlines and Rules for Teensy Writers (2015 Dates)

Jan 13, 2015 23:13

Here there be writerly dates and rules!

Important Deadlines for Teensy Writers
Writer Sign-ups Start: Wednesday, January 14th
Writer Sign-ups End: Saturday, January 31st
Writer Check-in: Saturday, February 14th
Writer Drafts Due: Sunday, March 1st
**Deadline for Writers to Send a Complete Draft to their Artists: Saturday, March 14th**
Posting Begins: Monday, April 27th

Rules for Teensy Writers
1. Stories must be at least 5,000 words. There is no maximum word count.
2. You can only write one fic for the 2015 Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang.
3. That fic must feature Genevieve or Ruby 2 as a main character. 
4. That fic may be an AU or crossover.
5. You cannot re-mix anyone else's story.
6. Gen (ha), het, femslash, slash, and threesomes/moresomes are all okay, so long as Genevieve and/or Ruby 2 is central to the fic and/or part of the main pairing. That 'slash' there means that you can genderbend Gen/Ruby 2 if you're so inclined. French Mistake!Gen is fine.
7. Background pairings of any stripe are fine.
8. You can write with a co-author, but it will count as your one fic entry.
9. Your story cannot feature any real life underage persons in your story, including Gen's sons.
10. Your story cannot include underage sex. Romances between, say, two high schoolers of the same age will be accepted, as long as they're 16 or older, but we suggest you know the laws of your particular region. Please do not post anything that could jeopardize this comm or its participants.
11. Stories must be complete. They cannot have been posted elsewhere prior to your posting date.
12. You must stay in contact with your artist. If your artist tries but cannot reach you for more than a week (and you haven't given them a head's up about that trip to an Internet-less place), we will assume that you've dropped out.
13. Fics must be beta'd, and your beta must be identified; Iif you write an A/N saying that you didn't get a beta, your fic won't be eligible for posting.
14. Your BFF cannot post your masterpost to this comm. It has to be you or your artist.
15. You are free to crosspost your story after it's been posted to this comm.
16. The fic on your journal cannot be flocked.
17. You must meet all deadlines.
18. We'll link to the stories on Tumblr unless you'd rather we not; just tell us you don't want your fic posted to Tumblr when you post.

If you have any additional questions not answered by the FAQ, comment here or ping the mods at

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