Round 3?

Dec 07, 2014 16:14

Hi all! How've you been? Who's still watching S10?

We hope you've had a lovely 2014 since Round 2 ended. We're wondering, are people interested in having a Round 3? While hopefully the Ruby/Gen love hasn't diminished, the mods have noticed a general drop-off in enthusiasm for the show itself in recent seasons, so we're wondering if this community is still viable. We're up for a Round 3 if there's interest in it, but if the moment has passed, we'll make like Elsa and let it go.

Last year we had some difficulty finding enough artists, and many had to double up (thank you!), so if we do hold a Round 3, we're considering the possibility that not every writer would get paired with an artist (e.g., Round 3 could have ten fics, but only five of those fics would have art accompanying them). We wouldn't ask artists to double up unless they volunteered.

If you want a Round 3, please drop us a comment! Please also let us know if you would still want to participate if you weren't matched with an artist. Thank you! :)

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