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Jul 27, 2019 13:52

Just like I joined the Buffyverse fandom very late - in 2017 - I have also come late to the Lucifer fandom. However this time I actually watched the show before it ended. I binge-watched four seasons in about two or three weeks, then immediately started a re-watch. I also started looking for Lucifer fan-fiction.

Tom Ellis truly carries the show and he does it with just a look on his face or the deliverance of a line. It is difficult to transform his acting into writing. Lucifer is super-strong, good-looking, wealthy, educated and well-mannered. He also often is childlike in very many ways. I have read numerous Lucifer fanfics in which we see only the charismatic and powerful king of hell but not the insecure and immature twelve-year-old. What I’ve been looking for in Lucifer fanfics are stories that show us all of his layers. The ones you find below meet this requirement.

All of the below mentioned stories can be found on Archive Of Our Own (AO3).

The Lines Get Blurred by slaymesoftly 5,392 words

A Lucifer/Buffy crossover fic that basically was the reason I got into Lucifer in the first place. A friend of mine read this story, started watching Lucifer, then coaxed me into watching it as well. The rest is - as they say - history. The story is set post-series for Buffy and mid-series for Lucifer. Chloe and Lucifer have a new and somewhat mysterious case at hands. A petite blond woman and a handsome guy with a british accent seem to have murdered someone but there is no body to be found at the crime scene; only a pile of dust. Will Lucifer and Chloe be able to solve this mysterious case?


...and heaven too by pprfaith 2,065 words

Another Lucifer/Buffy crossover fic that is set post-series for Buffy and mid-series for Lucifer. While he and Chloe are investigating another case Lucifer gets paid an unexpected visit at Lux by a petite blond friend whom he hasn’t seen in a while and who is as enigmatic in Chloe’s eyes as Lucifer is. And wait ... are they talking about heaven?


100 Ways by Pellaaearien 44,407 words

Set throughout the entire series but mostly in season 1 and season 2 this story simply adds many (one hundred is the goal - it’s not yet finished) missing scenes. Absolutely adorable and very well written. Almost as if those scenes had been part of the show. Like they should have.


The Lord and Ladies of Hell by sanctuary_for_all 27,691 words

A series of ten short and one longer stories that starts out in season 1. There are tiny bits and pieces, little additions we missed in the show, sometimes just a glimpse or a thought. It goes AU after the season 1 finale when Chloe accepts Lucifer is the actual Devil and he becomes part of hers and Trixie’s life. Beautifully written this fic catches the tone of the series and the voices of our beloved characters perfectly.


Spiritual lost-and-found by lilith_morgana 3,964 words

An Ella centric fic set at some point post season 3. Ella has lost her faith but she is unhappy about it and seeks consolation from Lucifer of all people. A wonderful short friendship fic.


The free parking jackpot rule by lilith_morgana 3,721 words

The night Lucifer went to Chloe’s apartment and ended up playing a boardgame of Monopoly told from his and and also from Chloe’s POV. So many emotions in just one tiny little scene...


Far From Home by tarysande 416 words

Post season 4 Lucifer has gone back to hell and Chloe sees him in every lean, tall, dark-haired man. And then suddenly it's him she sees. But ... is it really him?

OMG, this is so short but wonderful, bittersweet and poignant in less than 500 words.


Soup Kitchen by tarysande 817 words

A different - and much more convincing - take on the infamous soup kitchen date from season 4.


Guilt by Liannabob 21,848 words

This story explores what it feels to be in a hell loop and how Lucifer spends his days as king of hell. And although this fic is mostly set in hell there will be Deckerstar too!


Quid Pro Ho Ho Ho by ariaadagio 6,182

Simply the best Christmas fanfic ever.


Castaway by ariaadagio 131,014 words

This is the first novel-length story in my little compilation of favorite Lucifer fanfics. Most of the aforementioned stories are missing or additional scenes. This story is the equivalent of a full episode and it's more than just a re-write of an existing episode. It is an episode that could have come out of the writers room and been on the show instead of the actual 04x01. This fic has been published before season 4 aired and there is one detail - which I don't really want to give away because I don't want to spoil the story for you - that has actually been used by the writers in season 4 as well. This story has a brilliant plot, spot on voicing for all the characters from the show, an amazing original character as the villain-of-the-piece but what is really unique about this fanfic is the writers talent at storytelling. To give you an example - this is just one of so many beautiful wonderful lines:

"Except this fossil is the size of his hand, not a jelly bean.

"I remember when these still existed," he says."


All On That Day by Seriana Ritani on ff.net 59,387 words
This is another novel-length story and just like Castaway it picks up right after the season 3 finale. How would you actually deal if you find out someone who you consider a close friend (maybe even more?) turns out to be the actual devil, red face and all? This fic has a very realistic approach at how Chloe would deal and although it is rather drastic and extreme I find it very convincing and plausible. Yes, I would probably deal the same way. I would run too. But while she is on the run Chloe discovers that mabye humans more dangerous than the devil himself and she finally turns to Lucifer for help once more. This is a classic case-fic in the style of a mystery novel. It is an absolute page turner and you should by no means miss it. This fic is on complete on ff.net and it is at the moment being uploaded on AO3 too.


And There Was Light by ariaadagio 143k words

This is yet another fic by araiaadagio and it's again a novel-length one. It is as beautifully written as Castaway though its storyline is completely different. This story starts post season 2 and it starts with the same premise as the show did. Lucifer is abducted and found in the desert having his wings back. The plot goes off the canon path from there very drastically. Once more the writer is adding so much more mythology and background to the Luciferverse. I came up to a point where I nearly threw my ebookreader against a wall, cursing "What the heck is wrong with Lucifer?" and then the writer suddenly came up with a revelation I did not see coming and everything fell into place and made sense. This story also has an instantly likeable original character and an appearance by Michael, who has very recently rumored to be in season 5 and it makes you wonder if this writer has the second sight. Or maybe they are just that good. There is a sequel to this fic called Afterglow. I haven't read it yet just because I want to be able to look forward to it a bit longer...


Hopefully to be continued

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