Supernatural Episode 7 - Family Matters

Nov 08, 2010 14:32

I actually enjoyed it. I think now I’ve given up on the show being like it was, about the relationship between the brothers I can enjoy it on another level.

I’m enjoying Castiel’s short spots. It’s a bit like season four Castiel. I like his attitude, I like that he has a life outside of the Winchesters, and I love snarky!Cas. Probably the best line of the season so far was his deadpan sarcastic “of course, your problems always come first”. It was just so well timed. This is definitely Castiel the season four Angel, rather than ostracised Cas of season five. I liked both. So I don’t think they have destroyed Castiel by making him all focused and distant.

The whole purgatory thing. This is Supernatural, they aren’t exactly the font of knowledge of religion. These are the people that called Samhain a god/demon, one quick online search would have shown that was wrong. So I don’t think their view and presentation of what purgatory is will be even slightly based on Christian lore. I also think Sam’s lack of soul is going to be a key to getting them to purgatory, since after all it is the place things without a soul go to.

And the Sam has no soul. Poor thing, I moved on ages ago. But I have to deal with my own irritation about humanity being blessed because god gave them souls. It’s that whole, we’re god’s special children so our souls are all pretty and shiney. But the thing is, if the ‘monsters’ don’t have souls they wouldn’t go anywhere when they were killed, they would just cease. It is supposedly the soul that lives on. It’s the whole “moral” argument again, just because someone’s morals are different than your morals doesn’t mean they don’t have morals. And I know, far too deep for a reflection on a fun show.

And it was a fun show tonight. It was snarky and amusing, and Crowley is back, I love his snarky manipulative bitch self. I liked him last season, that he would be helpful without turning good. He was still an evil son of a bitch, and didn’t have to get all light and fluffy to fight against the apocalypse. He’s a smart guy, intelligent and selfish. I like him. And I love he’s behind all this, I like that he’s pulling all the strings. I look forward to watching him snark his way through this season.

Does Crowley Mary somehow? I’m pretty sure that’s where we are heading, and face it the woman made a deal with a demon, so she should be in hell. That’s what happens to people who make those deals. Of course, that’s sort of been forgotten in the show, and hell its Supernatural, their adherence to their own canon is patchy at best. Maybe it has something to do with my love of John, but I never really felt a connection to Mary. I liked her a little in the episode when Dean first goes back in time, but over the development of her history not so much.

I loved that Christian was demonified. Although a little annoyed that he’d been that way all the time, like the only reason someone can be a dickhead is if there’s a demon stuffed in them.

I think Dean is stupid for hunting with Sam. Not because Sam is being a dick, I mean face it both boys have been dicks off and on over the last five years. But when you’re hunting with someone you need to know you can trust them, trust them to have your back and trust that they have good instincts. Sam has none of that. Yes family is important, but even John once said that if he couldn’t save Sam he’d have to kill him. Now I’m not saying Dean should kill Sam, but I am saying that Dean shouldn’t be hunting with someone that has no soul.

So yeah, I liked this episode. As I said part of that is because I no longer give a damn about Sam, but mostly was because it gave us some information, brought us into the story for the first time this season, without laying out everything that is going on. It didn’t really answer the questions, and the answers we got only gave us more questions. It made me feel connected and interested now. And the dialogue was perfect, snappy, funny and challenging.

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