You Can't Handle the Truth

Oct 30, 2010 19:18

So episode six. Spoilers inside for that episode, and a very slight spoiler for next week (not really big news but still considered a spoiler).

The Good; The Bad; and The Blah )

meta/discussion, fandom: supernatural

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tocryout October 30 2010, 16:03:45 UTC
We haven't watched yet. They really are going strang places with the show. Am really hoping that we get to see more of what's happening with Cas. I'm with you on Lisa sticking up for her son, she shouldn't have someone around her kid that might end up hurting him. You might be right when you sete thinking about the angel that was buying souls. I think there might be a connection with Sam. But I will wait to say any more until after we watch. I'll let you know what I think when I watch it.

Through I have a feeling I might need a shot f something before I do.


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